29 Mar 2024  |   06:16am IST

Goan seaman falls victim to dating app blackmail scam, stripped of Rs 1.35 cr

The victim, Deleno Bosco, a resident of Cansaulim, was trapped through video calls with the threat of disseminating compromising videos online; Verna Police book Zeeta Fernandes, Mary Fernandes and Shankar Jadhav, all natives of Karnataka
Goan seaman falls victim to dating app blackmail scam, stripped of Rs 1.35 cr

Team Herald

CANSAULIM: A Cansaulim resident, a seaman by profession, was subjected to extortion and bazlackmail by a group of individuals from Karnataka, who coerced him into transferring a staggering sum of money under threat of sharing his compromising videos online.

Deleno Bosco, who comes to Goa for six months every year,  and resident of Cansaulim, has filed a complaint with the Verna Police, that this took place between the years 2022 and 2023.

In his complaint, Bosco stated that he was approached by accused individuals, purportedly led by Zeeta Fernandes, a native of Angadi, Mukeri, Karnataka, through a dating application called ‘Chat Karo.’ Establishing a friendship with Bosco, Fernandes initiated a video call which soon took a sinister turn as she began to blackmail him. Allegedly, Fernandes threatened to disseminate compromising videos of Bosco online unless he complied with their demands for money.

Under duress, Bosco said he transferred a total of Rs 1.35 crore through various transactions into different bank accounts provided by the accused parties. The transfers were made on separate occasions, with Bosco resorting to cash deposits through ATMs across multiple banks to meet the demands of the blackmailers.

Further investigation by the Verna Police led to the identification and subsequent booking of all three suspects in connection with the case. Zeeta, Mary Fernandes and Shankar Jadhav, all natives of Karnataka, have been implicated in the alleged extortion scheme.

Verna Police Inspector Nelson Colaco stated that the complaint has been registered under Sections 420 (cheating) and 384 (blackmailing) on Wednesday and police are thoroughly investigating the matter by collecting information about the accused. 

Bosco reportedly did not inform the police, when he was being blackmailed to deposit the money.

PI Colaco said if they receive instructions from the headquarters, the case will be handed over the Cyber Crime Cell.


Iddhar Udhar