19 Sep 2023  |   05:31am IST

Goans all set to welcome Lord Ganesh into their homes

Goans all set to welcome  Lord Ganesh into their homes

Team Herald

PANJIM: Goa is all set to celebrate Chaturthi today by welcoming Lord Ganesh into their homes. The festival is especially celebrated in a grand manner in the Konkan region from September 19 onwards.

Ganesh Chaturthi, marks the auspicious birth of the deity and extends from one-and-a-half to 21 days. It's a time of fervent devotion, with devotees observing all sixteen rituals known as the Shodashopachara Puja.

To celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesh, people install idols of Ganesh in their homes beginning today. These idols are crafted of clay and adorned with elaborate decorations and pictographical representations of mythology. The family members of the extended family come together to celebrate this annual festival. 

In Pernem, Hari Laxman Shetkar of Mauswado-Pernem has crafted special Ganesh idols at his home. These Ganesh idols are crafted from clay which is found in Pernem itself and painted in full red colour. This year he has crafted about 43 Idols of red colour and some people insist on this type of Ganesh idols only, Shetkar said. 

These Ganesh idols are called Kumari Ganpati and they are painted in Sinduri colour. These Ganesh idols are painted with oil paint due to the shine and have been made in Pernem for the last over 70 years at least. Two generations of Shetkar’s family itself were involved in making these types of Kumari Ganpatis and this is the third generation making Kumari Ganpatis, Shetkar stated. 

One will not find these type of Kumari Ganpatis in the entire Goa or even in Pernem except for two places in Mauswada.


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