Herald: Govt “turns down” HC order to add SP Chandan to matka SIT?

Govt “turns down” HC order to add SP Chandan to matka SIT?

10 Aug 2018 05:14am IST
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10 Aug 2018 05:14am IST

Affidavit asks HC to re-consider order as SP North is handling investigations more important and sensitive in nature and giving her additional charge will hamper these

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PANJIM: A month after the High Court of Bombay at Goa asked the Goa government to consider including North Goa SP Chandan Choudhary as part of the Special Investigation Team for matka, the State has asked the HC to re-consider the same.

The HC, which was unsatisfied with the progress of investigation in the matka case, had on July 3, 2017 suggested that Chaudhary be added to the team to boost it.

However, an affidavit filed by the government through Under Secretary Home Nital Amonkar says adding Chaudhary will hamper investigation into other cases handled by her.

“Upon considering the request of this Court, the government has informed to convey this hon’ble Court that Ms Chandan Chaudhary, IPS, presently posted as SP North is handling various issues including illegal gambling and matka in North Goa District,” the reply states.

Further, it states that as she is required to handle the investigations, which are more important and sensitive in nature, posting her or giving her additional charge will hamper the investigations headed by her.

“However, the government has directed her to intensify the raid on matka in her district. The government has also expressed that the posting of officers depends on administrative exigencies and availability of manpower,” the affidavit reads.

Further, the affidavit says, that investigations conducted by the present SIT is being monitored by two seniormost superior officers in the police department – the DGP and the IGP – who are from the IPS cadre.

“The government is also very much concerned about the menace of matka gambling in the State which is originated from other States and strict instructions have been issued to the SIT and the police to curb the menace by intensifying the raids,” it reads.

Moreover, the affidavit says, the government is also making efforts to control the same by seeking assistance from police from other States in order to trace the origin of the matka gambling which is age old and recently matka gambling is being operated through internet, which is under investigation.

“In view of the above, it is submitted that the hon’ble court may be pleased to consider the above plea of the government and re-consider the appointment of additional SP of IPS cadre to SIT,” the affidavit states.

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