04 Mar 2024  |   06:47am IST

Govt determined to see speed governors installed in rent-a-cabs: Minister

Officials instructed to verify installation and proper operation of speed governors; directed to submit action taken report by March 11

Team Herald

PANJIM: Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho has said that the government is determined to ensure that rent-a-cab operators install speed governors in their vehicles.

Speaking to reporters, he said, ''There is a complete ban on rent-a-cabs. We have not given permission to anybody during the last two years. There is so much pressure for at least rent-a-bike as some areas are not covered.''

He said for the last two years, there is a complete ban on the permission of rent-a-cab and not a single permission has been given during the period.

''We are not giving permission to anybody. There is so much of pressure for rent-a-bike as some areas are not covered. Now we are studying which areas are not there. We can have some relaxation for them but that is also not sure. There has to be an audit. Whether it is taxi or motorbike taxi. Then we will take a decision,'' he said.

He said there is no question of subsidy for rent-a-cab. We gave subsidy during the Covid period but in future we will incentivise only those who are enrolled with App. For them, it will be costly if they are not on App,'' he said.

The minister pointed out that very few taxi operators are using digital meters which were installed on the directives of the high court.

''Following high court order, we installed digital meters in taxis but how many people are using them? But we are not going to stay like this only. We are contemplating action in a different way. Rent-a-cab taxis are also supposed to install speed governors but while some have installed but are not using, some have not installed at all,'' he said.

In the wake of escalating number of accidents, the State Transport Department recently stepped up efforts to address the issue of transport vehicles, particularly rent-a-cabs, operating without speed governors. 

The department instructed its officials to conduct thorough inspections to ensure the presence and functionality of speed governors, with a specific focus on 'Rent-a-Cab' transport vehicles, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act.

It mandated Assistant Directors of Transport (ADTs) to carry out comprehensive examinations during the renewal or issuance of fitness certificates for transport vehicles, verifying the installation and proper operation of speed governors. 

A deadline of March 11 has been set for ADTs to submit a detailed action taken report, which will be reviewed on March 12, 2024.   


Idhar Udhar