08 Apr 2021  |   05:57am IST

Govt in process of setting up mining corporation

Govt in process of setting up mining corporation

Team Herald

PANJIM: Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant on Wednesday also spoke about decisions taken at the cabinet while at the same time saying that the government cannot announce these decisions due to the model code of conduct.

He said the government has started the process of setting up the mining corporation to restart mining in the State. The CM said ex-post facto approvals regarding expenses were also given such as those concerning COVID management which includes the Health Department and office of the Collector. He added that decisions regarding land transfer between government departments like that of the Agriculture Department, PWD were taken. 

Sawant then spoke about sand extraction activity in Goa and clarified that the State government had not stopped anyone from extracting sand but that certain NGOs were responsible for the same by approaching the NGT and High Court.

Acknowledging strictures passed by the court in this regard, Sawant said that Goans can extract sand in a sustainable manner and that he had given permission for legal sand transportation between Maharashtra and Goa. He added that this was done to avoid clashes between truck operators legally transporting sand. 

Finally, he also spoke on the externment proceedings against notorious criminals. “Within the next six months, I can assure you that strict action will be taken against those involved in criminal activities. They will be either sent out of Goa or out of the district.  The process in this regard has already been initiated,” he added.  He pointed out that around 60 people have been identified.