26 Feb 2021  |   05:51am IST

Govt yet to decide on private University applications

Four institutes of higher education show interest to start in Goa; Only local applicant is Salgaocar College of Law
Govt yet to decide on private University applications

Team Herald

PANJIM: Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)-University of Pune, is amongst four private universities that have approached the Goa government for permission to set up campuses in the State. 

The Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant-led committee, set up to evaluate the proposals, is yet to clear the proposals. A senior official said that even if permissions are granted now, it won’t be feasible for the Universities to start operations from the academic year 2021-22, onwards. 

Currently, the State-run Goa University is the sole university in the State. 

Member of the Evaluation Committee, Narendra Sawaikar, said that four private universities have applied to the government expressing their willingness to set up campuses. 

These are MIT-Pune University, a private cultural university from Manipur, the Salgaocar College of Law and one other. 

“The Evaluation Committee held its meeting earlier this month. However, no decision has been taken so far,” Sawaikar said. 

When contacted, Higher Education Director Prasad Lolienkar said that all the applications are before the government for a decision. 

He was, however, uncertain about the operation of these universities from the coming academic year, even if permission is granted. “It is not setting up of a college. It is a University and it is not so easy to set up a campus in just two-three months,” Lolienkar said.