04 Mar 2021  |   06:15am IST

Groups clash over sand transportation in Bhoma

Local brandishes sword to threaten the other group for stopping his sand-laden truck from Kudal
Groups clash over sand transportation in Bhoma

Team Herald

Ponda: Tension rent the air at Bhoma as two groups clashed over sand transportation from Kudal, Maharashtra on Wednesday. 

A group of four locals allegedly restrained a sand-laden truck from Maharashtra which arrived at Bhoma. 

A local from another group brandished his sword to threaten them for stopping his sand-laden truck from Kudal. The incident, which took place at 6 pm, caused fear among the commuters as traffic was blocked along the Highway for some time.

According to Ponda Police, four local sand extractors from Savoiverem stopped the sand-laden truck from Kudal which was on its way to Bhoma. 

Following this, the truck driver Milind Dole from Kudal contacted one Jalesh Naik, a resident of Panjim, who had ordered the sand from Kudal.  

It is learnt that after receiving the call from driver, Jalesh Naik arrived at the spot and brandished a sword.

This led to both groups clashing with each other.  

The truck driver lodged a complaint against the four locals from Volvoi and Savoiverem for wrongful restraint.

The Volvoi and Savoiverem locals later filed a counter complaint against the driver Milind Dole and Jalesh Naik. 

Police have registered an offence under Arms Act and Section 21 of Minerals Act against Jalesh Naik.

It may be recalled that following the sand mining ban in Goa, the local sand extractors had opposed the sand transportation from Kudal as they claimed that they had no business and outsiders were allowed to conduct business freely. 

They started halting vehicles from Maharashtra and complained to police and mamlatdar against them for transporting sand despite the ban in Goa. 


Iddhar Udhar