21 Jun 2023  |   06:42am IST

HJS appeals for backing candidates safeguarding Hindu interests

HJS appeals for backing candidates safeguarding Hindu interests

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) convention on Wednesday appealed to Hindus to vote for candidates, who include Hindu Rashtra and provisions to safeguard Hindu interests in their manifestos for 2024 Lok Sabha polls. 

It also demanded to make temple premises free from sale of meat and liquor and to implement dress code.

Reiterating the need to establish a Hindu Rashtra, the HJS national guide Charudatta Pingale appealed to Hindu voters not fall prey to promises of free electricity, a free laptop and other freebies and to support only those who include a nationwide ban on cattle slaughter, an anti-conversion law, a stringent law to punish those who mock Hindu deities, Hindu dharma and Hindu way of life and repeal regressive laws such as Places of Worship Act and the Wakf Act in their election manifesto.

Addressing the dignitaries, Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh coordinator Sunil Ghanwat demanded that the temples should be free from alcohol and meat and to implement dress code to those visiting the temples. He said that so far dress code has been implemented in 131 temples in Maharashtra to protect temple culture. He also demanded that all temples across the country be free from the government control.


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