14 Oct 2021  |   05:47am IST

Hedgewar school holds rally in support of offline classes

Hedgewar school holds rally  in support of offline classes

Team Herald

PANJIM: Students, parents and teachers of Dr KB Hedgewar Secondary and Higher Secondary School on Wednesday held a rally in capital city in support of offline classes and examination for Std VIII to XII. A representation was also made to the Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant demanding that the schools be reopened for conduct of classes and exams in physical mode. 

The school management, Students Council and Parent Teachers Association (PTA) of Dr KB Hedgewar Secondary and Higher Secondary participated in the rally held from KTC Bus Stand circle to Azad Maidan. 

Speaking at the occasion, the Chairman of All Goa School Management Association Subhash Desai said that several school managements, across State are eager to recommence offline classes for secondary and higher secondary schools. “We can see that all the activities have resumed and hence, for better future of the students, it is important that we reopen classes in physical mode following the required SOPs,” he said. 

He appealed to all the school managements to support the government in restarting the classes for Std VIII to XII in physical mode, in phase manner. “We need to support the government to reopen schools…it can be done slowly but we have to start,” he said. 

The students, who had gathered in large, highlighted the plight of online learning and examination. They even pointed out how some students adopt malpractices to pass in the examination.  

“When the coronavirus pandemic was stuck, we were inside houses and were forced to go online for learning  but now when the situation is under control, we all must take a stand in support of offline exams and classes,” Apeksha, a student said. 

She pointed out that connectivity and malpractices are the major issues surrounding online examination. “It is injustice to assess the student’s performance based on online exam which is just based on MCQs,” she lamented. 

Another student, Shubhangi said that it is time to enjoy school and college life and learning experience. “Today some are opposing offline exams only because they can clear it by copying. This is not acceptable and it will not help in the long run. We students need to take a stand and come out in support of offline exams and classes. Online learning has no future or thrill of learning,” she said. 

PTA member Govind Bhagat said that as a parent, we have experienced good as well as bad practices of online education. “Online exams are not challenging as there is every possibility that student will resort to copying or seeking help from parents. There is no seriousness left,” he said adding that the time has come when one needs to switch back to offline learning.