Herald: I saved Babu from being dropped: Lavoo

I saved Babu from being dropped: Lavoo

24 Mar 2019 05:53am IST
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24 Mar 2019 05:53am IST

Following his expulsion from the MGP for six years, former Ponda MLA Lavoo Mamledar said that he paid the price of going against the party’s plans of dropping Manohar Azgaonkar from the Cabinet.

He said that his letter to the Speaker, stating that the signature of the general secretary is mandatory on any communication from the party, has saved Azgaonkar from being dropped, which was plotted by some leaders from within the party.

Asked why he has developed a rift with the Dhavalikars, Mamledar said that Dhavalikar had planned to merge the party for which there was opposition. “They were against me because I defeated their (plan) of merging the party,” he said.

He said that there is no rift in the party and that he would approach the court against the decision of central committee.

Mamledar said that Deepak Dhavalikar is not the main person responsible in the entire episode. “Third person is a culprit and I don’t want to name him,” he added.

He said that the party is suffering a setback under the Dhavalikars. “When we did a ground study in Mandrem constituency, many people told us that they will not vote for the party till Dhavalikars are in it,” he said.
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