Herald: IT minister calls for ban on PUBG in schools

IT minister calls for ban on PUBG in schools

11 Feb 2019 05:08am IST
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11 Feb 2019 05:08am IST

Says children’s focus should not be distracted from academic curriculum

Team Herald

PANJIM: In the backdrop of authorities in different States banning students from playing the very controversial PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in schools, Goa government has advocated need for a law to ensure children’s focus is not distracted from the academic curriculum. 

“Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will have to take a call on it because it is a very important part to be looked into. The game has become a demand in every house. A child who was studying is now involved in PUBG,” IT Minister Rohan Khaunte said, responding to media questions whether the government will follow footsteps of State government already imposing a ban on the ‘battle royal’ online game. 

“At the end of the day there are no achievements,” he lamented as the several children across the country are addicted to this game. “You take a positive mindset to learn something but you start wasting time on such things; and they are not restrictive within the ambit of the family. Some law needs to come in place. But whether it is a restrictive law or something, we need to study,” he added. 

Earlier while addressing a gathering including students after the laying of foundation stone ceremony for Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Khaunte said the biggest threat in today’s scenario is putting technology subject to its use.  “The biggest threat is technology. Today we realised that the gaming industry and other applications of IT industry is moving so fast, and it is attracting children. The country should not face a situation like the US and other countries where children are addicted to PUBG. We have to encash on good opportunities, else we will have liability… we will have dumb generation instead of smart generation which we have today,” he warned while also urging students to spend time on studies rather than wasting on such online games.

“If the use of Internet is in right manner, it is the best use; if it is misused, then it can go negative, not only for you but for everybody around,” he added. 

The education body in States like Gujarat, Delhi, and various educational hubs have issued advisory warning students from indulging in the game.

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