Herald: Industries pollute fields and rivers in Pissurlem

Industries pollute fields and rivers in Pissurlem

10 Aug 2018 05:12am IST
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10 Aug 2018 05:12am IST

Chemicals are being released into rivers and fields affecting yield and the lives of people living in the area

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Valpoi: Four companies from Pissurlem IDC are releasing waste chemicals in local rivers and agriculture fields in the night for several years. During the monsoons they are releasing chemicals in the rivers and in the summer and winter season in agricultural fields allege locals. 

Recently chemicals were discharged in the Harvalem river a famous waterfall and tourist spot in Goa. Chemical factories upstream are suspect. Officials of the Goa State Pollution Control Board have taken samples of the water.

Manohar Parab 43 years old, a farmer from Pissurlem village, who is growing crops since childhood in his own field is now fighting with these polluting behemoths in the area. 

The four Industries which started operations in 2002 have generated dust which has destroyed almost all the fields of farmers living in Pissurlem village.

According to Manohar Parab, these four companies apart from polluting the air are also throwing the waste chemicals in the village river, neighboring villages river and also in agriculture fields. And they are releasing chemical in rivers and irrigation fields, for a decade. Despite several complaints in the local panchayat, the Valpoi Mamlatdar office, and the Deputy Collector Bicholim, office not a single Government authority have acted against this Industries.

Parab owns 10,000 sq mtrs of agriculture land located near the village river. In that land he is cultivating the rice crop in the monsoon and in summer season, he is grow’s vegetables. Since 2008 due to the dumping of waste in the fields he is not getting good yield. 

Six years ago, he had filed a complaint against the industries in the Valpoi Mamlatdar office. The Valpoi Mamlatdar did not act and so later he filed a complaint in the Deputy collector office, Bicholim. For the last five years, the Deputy collector has been only giving him dates after every visit. He then wrote a letter to the North Goa Collector but nothing happened. Now Manohar Parab has knocked the door of the high court, and his all hopes are now on a high court hearing now.

“The Goa Pollution control board officials are visiting here taking the samples and filing the reports but nothing is happening beyond that, they have the right to take action on this industries. But they have not taken any action, till date” says Manohar Parab.
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