Herald: Kajol’s death leaves a deep scar in Yadav family
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Kajol’s death leaves a deep scar in Yadav family

31 Aug 2017 05:34am IST
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31 Aug 2017 05:34am IST

The family files bail application for their daughter, housed at Apna Ghar, Merces

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SANGUEM: The death of 12-year-old Kajol Pappu Yadav has left a deep scar in the Yadav family comprising parents and the three minor children. All the three children were loved in the locality where they reside in a rented premise since past several years. Prior to shifting to Bendwada, the family was residing at Voilowaddo, Sanguem and as such was known by a large number of people in Sanguem.

Pappu Yadav is a sober man and had never expected such a tragic thing would ever happen in his home. He loved dearly all his three children and was dreaming of a bright future for all of them. After coming down to Goa hunting for a job, Pappu worked at Aparant Iron and Steel Factory at Costi, Sanguem. However, since the closure of the factory five years ago, Pappu shifted to the neighbouring Karnataka State to work in the capacity of a crane operator to make the ends meet.

A couple of days back when Pappu Yadav spoke to Herald his eyes were all in tears and he did not have much to say about the incident. Yadav still cannot believe the story of his younger daughter Kajol being killed by the elder sibling. He is still yet to come to terms.

PI attached to Sanguem Police Station Mr Sagar Ekoskar said that the Yadavs have filed a bail application for the release of his elder daughter who is presently housed at Apna Ghar, Merces. The bail application would, however, be contested and sought to be rejected as there are enough pointers to nail the accused elder sister who is charged under Section 304 for the murder of her younger sibling.

The day when the incident took place, coincided with the one and half day celebration of the Ganesh Immersion ceremony. The rented premise, where the Yadav family reside, is on the other side of the Ganesh Idol immersion spot near the Sanguem bridge. The celebrations take place barely about 15 metres away from the rented premise of the Yadav family and this is the opportunity which the elder sister took to put into action her plans to commit the deadly act.

The loud noise from the fire crackers and the rocket bombs set an ideal background to hide the noise which the younger sibling made during her dying minutes.

The elder sibling did not show any remorse for the deadly act. She summarised her act on account jealousy, as the younger sister was treated better than anybody else at home and was most pampered by the family members.

At school, Kajol was loved by all the teachers as she was smart, brilliant and ever helpful. Headmaster of Miracles High School Fr Anthony Melvin Fernandes where Kajol was studying in Class VI was seen at the rented premise of the deceased student till her body was taken for post mortem. Fr Fernandes termed Kajol to be a honest and hardworking student. Fr Fernandes termed the death of Kajol as “most unfortunate and unexpected” and also claimed the school “had lost a bright student.”

The ghastly incident took place at about 3.30 in the morning when everybody is in deep sleep. The elder sister, however, had pre-planned all her moves. She was waiting for the Ganesh Immersion revellers to reach near her residence and at which point of time, the elder sister moved to the room where the mother and the younger sister was sleeping. She first suffocated Kajol with the nylon rope and then choked her neck with both her hands till the time the younger sibling lay breathless. Kajol suddenly started shaking her legs which alerted her mother. The elder sister under the cover of darkness went to her room and slept as if nothing had happened.

The incident shocked everybody in the town. No one doubted the elder sister would commit the dastardly act as on the day of when the death was reported, as she was cool and calm.

It was only after a thorough investigation by PI Sagar Ekoskar, under the supervision of DySP Sammy Tavares and SP Arwind Gawas, that the incident came to light and the fingers pointed at the elder sister who later informed the police of the sequence of events that took place in the early morning hours of Sunday.

DySP Sammy Tavares said that the investigation in the matter stands almost completed and the accused sister who is, at present, housed at Apna Ghar will be tried for the deadly act under the Juvenile Act.

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