14 Oct 2021  |   05:46am IST

Karnataka vendors stopped from selling flowers in Mapusa

Karnataka vendors stopped from selling flowers in Mapusa

Team Herald 

MAPUSA: Mapusa Municipality on Wednesday cleared vendors who had come from Karnataka to sell flowers at Mapusa on occasion of Dussehra.

These vendors from Karnataka had occupied available space outside Mapusa market as well as the bus stand. However, the Karnataka vendors claimed that even after the civic authorities taking sopo from them, they were removed by the municipality officials and their stock was seized.

Vendors claimed that earlier a person from the municipality took Rs 200 from them as SOPO and gave them a slip which had no proper details. However, later the money was returned to some vendors and the slip taken back from them.

Meanwhile, the RG supremo Manoj Parab said, “Outsiders are coming and doing businesses while our Goans who are sitting inside the market to earn a living are suffering. Since vendors from outstation are sitting outside the market and doing business, hardly anyone is entering into the market to buy goods from local people.”

Karnataka sellers said, "How will it feel if we stop vehicles which get vegetables and other products for Goa from Karnataka? We had bought the flowers from farmers and without any reason our stock was seized."