15 May 2022  |   07:05am IST

Kharewado boat owners face tough time as jetty in dilapidated condition

Team Herald

PANJIM: Around 50 years ago, as a temporary solution, a jetty was built for the Kharewado fishermen in Vasco. As time passed by the boats increased in numbers and size, but the jetty remained same and that too in a dilapidated condition with damaged infrastructure.

“The Kharewado jetty is in a dilapidated condition and small in size. The jetty was built around 50 years ago as a temporary provision for fishermen to dock up their boats with afresh catch, back then the boats were small and made of wood but now the boats are bigger in size. There is no space,” said Goa Boat Owner’s Association President Jose Philip D'Souza.

Currently the jetty houses more than 100 boats with space for only 10 to dock up after a catch. “If all boats return at once, there is only space for 10 to dock up and sort out their catch, while the rest of the boats are forced to wait resulting in the fish getting spoiled,” said D’Souza adding that the boats parked in close proximity leads to them being damaged.

The association invited Vasco MLA Krishna Daji Salkar to inspect the jetty and put forth their grievances before him. 

After inspecting the jetty, Salkar said that he will bring this matter to the notice of Chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant and Fisheries Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar. “The jetty is in such a dilapidated state that the boats get damaged and the fish gets spoiled. I will speak to the CM and I’m sure he will help resolve this issue. I will also speak to the fisheries minister and see that there is a solution to the issue with within two years,” said Salkar.


Idhar Udhar