04 Apr 2024  |   06:33am IST

LPG cylinder shortage leaves Ponda consumers in distress

The crisis has persisted for around a week; only 50 consumers receive refilled cylinders each day; the shortage stems from logistical issues at the Bharat Gas plant in Verna and glitches in the online cylinder booking system
LPG cylinder shortage leaves Ponda consumers in distress

Team Herald

PONDA: Residents of Ponda are grappling with a severe gas shortage crisis, disrupting their access to a basic necessity—cooking fuel. The shortage, lasting for over a week, has led to tensions between consumers and gas agency officials, as frustrated residents struggle to secure LPG cylinders.

With Goa Marketing Federation, the local gas agency, failing to distribute LPG cylinders for several days, around 17,000 customers in Ponda taluka are left facing hardships. Housewives, in particular, are finding it challenging to prepare meals for their families, especially during the ongoing SSC exams.

Desperate consumers resort to various methods to obtain cooking fuel, from queuing up outside the agencies early in the morning to booking online through missed calls. However, only a fraction of consumers, around 50 households, receive refilled cylinders each day, leaving many disappointed and forced to seek alternative cooking solutions.

Sources said that gas agency trucks ferrying empty cylinders are seen entering the Bharat Gas plant in Verna for refilling, but these trucks have been returning empty for the past four days. Truck drivers are seen sitting idle due to the lack of distribution work.

Social worker Viraj Sapre criticized the government's handling of the crisis, questioning the efficacy of the Modi government's guarantee. He called for immediate intervention to resolve the issue and alleviate the suffering of residents.

When contacted, Goa Marketing Gas agency sources attributed the problem to discrepancies in online booking records, leading to irregular distribution. “The Gas Company instructed the agency, Goa Marketing Federation to maintain a register for online booking of refilled cylinders. However, due to issues with mobile network coverage, cylinders were distributed without proper online booking. Consequently, Bharat Gas has now implemented measures to supply refilled cylinders exclusively to consumers who register online,” said the source, adding that efforts are underway to rectify the issue, with hopes of restoring normal supply within the next three to four days.


Iddhar Udhar