27 May 2023  |   06:12am IST

Land Use Map Plan faulty, say Taleigao villagers

Land Use Map Plan faulty,  say Taleigao villagers

Team Herald

PANJIM: Taleigao villagers on Friday demanded scrapping of Land Use Map calling it faulty and manipulated. 

A group of professionals and other concerned villagers met the North Goa Planning and Development Authority (NGPDA) Member Secretary Vertika Dagur and raised their objection to various omissions and commissions in the Taleigao Land Use Plan. This Land Use Plan only contains buildings and critical information like natural resources, wetlands, hills, tree cover, paddy field, orchard land etc is missing in the plan. The second violation in the Plan is that it shows proposed roads through fields. This Plan should contain only information which is existing on ground. 

The villagers also expressed fear that Land Use Plans of all villages may be faulty and manipulated like how it is done in Taleigao because the same agency Turbo Sketch has prepared these plans across the State. The Land Use Plan carries great importance because based on these lands use plans, Outline Development Plan (ODP) is prepared, the concerned villagers said.

The villagers demanded to know why the Land Use Register was prepared based on 2010 survey records when the last Land Use Plan of Taleigao was prepared in 2018. Why a more current Land Use Plan and Register was prepared using data of 2010?, they questioned.

Calling the draft Land Use Plan as incomplete, the villagers did not submit their objections and demanded that a fresh draft Plan complete and updated in all respects be prepared and duly explained to local villagers, so that they can give their informed objections if any to the Plan.

NGPDA Member Secretary Vertika Dagur assured the villagers that she will look into the matter and try to do the needful.


Iddhar Udhar