Herald: Local authorities are the reason for poor tourist season: Small and Medium Hoteliers Association

Local authorities are the reason for poor tourist season: Small and Medium Hoteliers Association

15 Jan 2019 06:18am IST
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15 Jan 2019 06:18am IST

Team Herald 

Panjim: Days after the TTAG blamed the taxi mafia and the GST, taxation for a drop-in the tourist arrival, the Small and Medium Hotelier’s Association have blamed the local authorities for destroying the livelihood of the small medium enterprises in the name of development.

In a press note issued here by president Serafino Cota have blamed various factors that are affecting the tourism industry in Goa.

“Shortage of water and power supply to cater the needs of Coastal  Villages  populace and in the absence of sewerage  system the ground water has been over exploited and polluted compounded with  noise pollution, prostitution, drug trafficking, rapes are the major setbacks to  tourism,” the release says.

The release says in the recent past there has been blanket permission issued by the NGPDA/TCP for multi residential complexes who ostensible   operate as hotels/Guest houses as a result proliferation of rental units that belongs to absentee owners which are used for the purpose of tourism but do not fall under the purview of any related legislation as they are not always registered under the Tourist Trade Act, 1982. 

“The apartments are typically located within larger gated enclaves of flats with common facilities such swimming pool, gym a sauna, and so on and are treated almost solely a investment property by individuals, who do not always demonstrate an commitment to the local community or responsibility toward the local economy,” the release states. 

It further adds, these furnished apartments or “Holiday Homes” are managed and advertised en masse either as “Rent Backs” by locally based agents or directly by the owners through private websites and networks abroad or elsewhere within India. 

“Parallel to this home grown profession or running illegal rent –backs, there has also been steadily increasing entry of  “ Corporate  Houses  “constructed  multi-family dwelling units ostensible used as Hotel/Guest Houses  run successfully with impunity; destroying the lively-hood of the locals  and most importantly  changing the topography  and slowly evolving  demographic  change of our society“ ties,” the hoteliers says.

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