05 May 2021  |   08:10am IST

Local lockdowns will create panic: CM

Local lockdowns will create panic: CM

Referring to the rising trend of panchayats and municipalities across the State opting for lockdowns, Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant on Tuesday voiced his concern against such developments.

Speaking to media persons on Tuesday, he said individual lockdowns in panchayat and municipal areas are not required as they could be counterproductive. He referred to how in some places, timings of stores selling essential goods have been curtailed as opposed to what the government had decided. 

“Having separate lockdowns or restrictions will create panic, which forces people to come out,” Sawant added. 

He also asserted that government guidelines and revised restrictions are in place and should be followed by all. 

“Panchayats should not close essential services. They should not stop people from going to work as people are working in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other essential services,” he added. 


Iddhar Udhar