29 Sep 2022  |   07:50am IST

Lumpy skin disease vaccines yet to arrive from Bangalore

Sonsoddo Vet Hospital chalks out plans for vaccination drive
Lumpy skin disease  vaccines yet to  arrive from Bangalore

Team Herald

MARGAO: Gearing up against the lumpy skin disease in livestock, Veterinary Hospital, Sonsoddo have chalked out plans for a vaccination drive, as they are waiting for 300 vaccines from Bangalore.

On the other hand few farmers have complained that the Veterinary Hospital is not responding to the demand to help them as per their convenience. 

Dr Satyawan Naik, Deputy Director of Veterinary Hospital at Sonsoddo told reporters that they have asked for the vaccines and are waiting for the same.  

"Now farmers are coming forward to get their herd vaccinated.  100 vaccines to be administered within a few hours and so plans are chalked out for vaccination drive", he informed. 

Manuel Rodrigues, cattle owner from Raia said that he met Dr Naik pertaining to the vaccines and requested to administer the vaccine as per his convenience, so that no hardships are faced. 

"Veterinary hospitals should chalk out the plans as per the convenience of the cattle owners", he stated. 

The State has reported eight positive cases of lumpy skin disease in livestock and the maximum cases are from Ponda while a few cases have also been found in Bicholim taluka. Entry of livestock into North Goa from other States has already been prohibited by the State government to prevent the spread of the disease.   


Iddhar Udhar