Herald: ‘Staff is busy with election duty’

‘Staff is busy with election duty’

15 Mar 2019 05:16am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:16am IST


While some panchayats have backed upon good will from the contractors, one out of two Municipalities in Bicholim has done all the arrangements taking into consideration the election schedule while the other claims that their municipality is held ransom since last many years and the code of conduct has affected them a lot.

When asked to comment on the scenario, the Pilgao sarpanch, Pradeep Naik claimed that they have not yet done the tendering process of cleaning of gutters or cutting of tree branches in the village. "The code of conduct would surly affect the panchayats if they have not taken precautions as far as the pre-monsoon work is concerned. With the code of conduct no order copy could be issued to the contractor and they might deny the work" Naik told.

He said that in their panchayat they have already thought over this and several resolutions have also been passed. "There is work of cleaning of wells, gutters and also cutting of dangerous trees. We have already decided upon it and will request the contractor to carry out the work with good will on the condition that they would be paid at a later date." Naik explained.

The Bicholim Municipal council seem to be well prepared and were aware that the code of conduct would be implemented in the state. "We have already given the work orders for most of the developmental projects and have also got financial approvals. We have supportive team in the municipality and we carry out the work in a planned manner." BMC Chairman, Satish Gaonkar told.

He said that one of the major projects, the beautification work from Walshi to Bordem has already got administrative approval and costs to more than 4 crore. "The tendering process of beautification from Walshi to Bordem is pending otherwise most of the other woks we have already got sanctions" Gaonkar told adding "we have already done the desiltting of gutters and other such work. If in case there are some works that crop up we would take the necessary approvals from the state election commission and undertake the work."

Even as the BMC is all set for the code of conduct the Sanquelim Municipal Council is crying foul over the unavailability of a permanent Chief Officer since last many years. "We are held ransom as we are not given any permanent CO since many years. The CO who is given additional charge here has come to this office only twice in last one and half month. There are six staff members of SMC who have got election duty. We don't know how we are going to work. We have taken the resolutions but it is the CO who should execute and implement it" SMC Chairman, Dharmesh Saglani told. He said that all the work of municipality would be affected because of code of conduct.
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