Herald: Majority of Salcete p’yats to be affected by code

Majority of Salcete p’yats to be affected by code

15 Mar 2019 05:15am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:15am IST


While the pre-monsoon works in some Salcete panchayats are not affected by the code of conduct, a majority of the villages will face a problem as their budgets were not approved by the gram sabhas

Only nine of the 30 panchayats in Salcete have got their budget for the financial year 2019-20 approved by the gram sabhas. These are Sarzora, Loutolim, Camorlim, Sao Jose de Areal, Macasana, Seraulim, Assolna, Davorlim Dicarpale and Rumdamol Davorlim.

Most panchayats were planning to hold the gram sabhas in April or May to get the budget approved. However, now there is uncertainty over this and Carmona Sarpanch Allwyn Jorge has written to the Block Development Officer seeking a clarification on the matter.

Allwyn has asked whether the panchayat can have its regular or special body meetings and whether the gram sabha can be convened and budget approved at it. Besides he has asked whether panchayats can approve construction plans and issue occupancy certificates, issue NOCs and trade licenses when the code of conduct is in force.

Interestingly Navelim and Colva panchayats saw no problem with the code of conduct being in force while at Chandor-Cavorim and Guirdolim, they were afraid that pre-monsoon works will not be taken up and Chinchinim sounded very depressed over the issue.

Chinchinim Deputy Sarpanch said as the Secretary was on leave, work orders for works that were already sanctioned and tendered have not been issued. “Now that the code of conduct has come in force, we shall not be able to issue work orders for those works that were sanctioned,” he lamented.

He said given the situation, they will not be able to get the pre-monsoon works done in the village and hence the drains will be desilted only after the elections are over by which time the monsoon would have set in and there will be no scope for any pre-monsoon works.

Guirdolim Deputy Sarpanch Franky Rodrigues opined that the pre-monsoon works in the village will be taken up only after the results are declared. While Chandor Cavorim Secretary John Colaco was of the same opinion, he however said that all the procedure could be prepared and kept ready so that the work orders can be issued as soon as the election results are declared.

However, Paul Pereira the deputy Sarpanch of Navelim panchayat saw no problem at all. “We get the cleaning of the drains and cutting of road side bushes done manually by using daily wage labourers and hence we do not have to tender the works so there will be no problem at all,” he said.

Colva sarpanch Antonio Fernandes had a similar view. “We undertake the cleaning work through panchayat funds and using labourers hence the code of conduct will not affect us,” he said.

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