Herald: AAP urges voters to reject BJP

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AAP urges voters to reject BJP

22 Apr 2019 05:37am IST
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22 Apr 2019 05:37am IST

Team Herald

PANJIM: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday urged voters to reject BJP for trying to misguide them in the name of soldiers and war. 

AAP spokesperson Valmiki Naik said that BJP is facing a backlash on the issues of GST and demonetisation and has shifted to invoking soldiers to fool the people.

“BJP is feeling ashamed to campaign in these elections on the twin issues of ‘demonetisation and GST’ both of which turned out to be disastrous decisions for the Country,” he said. 

Naik said that Narendra Modi made the hoarding of black money easier with the introduction of a 2,000 rupee note. 

Alleging that the forcible deposit of currency in banks was only to enable banks to write off outstanding loans of the rich friends of BJP, Naik said that Arvind Kejriwal who had called it the biggest scam of independent India was proved right. 

“Demonetisation made BJP rich and Goans cashless,” he said. 

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