Herald: Girish to voters: Seek revenge from BJP for stealing mandate

Girish to voters: Seek revenge from BJP for stealing mandate

22 Apr 2019 05:30am IST
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22 Apr 2019 05:30am IST

Confident of sweeping April 23 elections

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PANJIM: Confident of sweeping April 23 polls by winning all the five seats, the Congress has urged voters to consider the upcoming elections as an opportunity to seek revenge from BJP for stealing and overturning their mandate given to the Rahul Gandhi-led party in 2017 State Assembly elections. 

Addressing media persons on Sunday, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Girish Chodankar said the party will win all the five seats- two Lok Sabha constituencies and by–elections in Mandrem, Mapusa and Shiroda. “The result on May 23 is going to be 5 (Congress) - Zero (BJP). The message is loud and clear from the voters,” he said. 

“And with Panjim by elections (scheduled on May 19), the score will be 6-0,” he added. 

Chodankar, who is party’s North Goa Lok Sabha candidate, appealed voters to take these elections as a first opportunity to seek revenge from BJP, who through its immoral and unethical politics, stole the public mandate given to Congress in 2017 Assembly elections. 

“This is an opportunity before public to teach lesson to BJP,” he said. Congress had won 17 seats in 2017 Assembly elections; however, BJP with 13 MLAs formed a coalition government with support of MGP, Goa Forward Party and Independents under then Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar. 

Stating that the message is loud and clear amongst voters, Chodankar claimed that people have made up their mind not to vote for BJP. “During our election campaign, we have come across cross sections of people, who are frustrated and angry with the BJP government. BJP will face people’s wrath this election and we are confident about it,” he said. 

Chodankar said the Congress candidates across all five constituencies have got huge response and support from the public during the campaign. “We could not find a single section of the society, who is happy with BJP,” he said. 

“Even BJP and Goa Forward Party workers have extended their support to me in North Goa. MGP has openly supported us for LS elections,” he said. 

While Chodankar is contesting from North, former MP Francisco Sardinha is their candidate for South Goa seat. Party has fielded Sudhir Kandolkar in Mapusa, Babi Bagkar in Mandrem and Mahadev Naik in Shiroda. 

Congress former Union Minister and MP Anand Sharma too expressed confidence of the party winning both the Lok Sabha seats with huge margin. “When people go out to vote, they will remember how BJP stole their mandate, how they were cheated and how their voting right was insulted in last election,” he said. 

Sharma said that voters are not stupid and will act at the right time. 


If Congress leads then Rahul will be next PM, says Sharma 

The Congress on Sunday announced that their president Rahul Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister of the country, if Congress leads after Lok Sabha election results on May 23. 

Addressing media persons, former Union Minister and Member of Parliament Anand Sharma, however, said that if Congress fails to lead and if the party-led coalition ends up victorious, then the Prime Minister will be selected after consulting the alliance partners. 

“I cannot tell you how many seats UPA will win but yes definitely can say that Narendra Modi will not be the next Prime Minister and he will face the same fate that of late Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2004 elections,” he said. 

“Who will be the Prime Minister? That the leaders will decide. It all depends on which party leads. If Congress leads then our leader is Rahul Gandhi,” he said.

“There are pre-election alliances and also there is post-election coalition. So we will have to wait for that (the results),” he said.

“I am not astrologer but one thing I can tell you that Modi will not be pm and BJP will be defeated. Congress will come with very large number of seats and Congress and its allies will sit together to form next government,” he said. 

Further, the party has strongly condemned Prime Minister for seeking votes in the name of those who have given their lives for the country. 

Sharma said that PM and the BJP in their campaign speeches are coming up with an emotional plea. “They are playing with emotions of people. It is matter of shame,” he said. 

“First time in this history of India PM is using brave armed forces for partisan political agenda. PM should be condemned for seeking votes in the name of those who have given their lives for India and its dignity. Indian Army belongs to the people and the nation. Indian Army does not belong to Narendra Modi government. They have insulted martyrdom and sacrifice of our soldiers,” he charged. 

The Congress leader alleged that PM was running away from owning the responsibility and is deflecting the attention. “We want him to answer for his failures. BJP’s so called `sankulp patr’ is an insult to Indians. You have violated 2014 pledge (manifesto). You should apologise for violating 2014 pledge,” Sharma commented.

Sharma also said that Indian National Congress needs no certificate from Narendra Modi for their nationalism. 

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