Herald: Issues the electorate wants solved

Issues the electorate wants solved

23 Apr 2019 05:40am IST
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23 Apr 2019 05:40am IST
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HERALD speaks to a cross-section from Goans who speak about the issues they want the government and their elected representatives to pay attention to

I don’t think there is any issues as such that need to be resolved as I am quite satisfied with the working of the present Government. Hence, I will vote for the present government. 

— Mausami Thakur, 23 yrs, Panjim 

Any government that comes to power we have to follow up with them on various issues. The mining issue firstly and then the coal problem is a huge issue and then there is also the garbage problem that requires the government to focus its attention on. I will vote to select right candidate who will solve these problems

— Antonio Rodrigues, 63 yrs, Panjim 

Jobs for the youth would be one, and protection of our very beautiful land which is just getting destroyed day by day, I think these are the main issues that require immediate attention, also safety of women although we don’t have much of an issue with that in Goa. We all need to vote to ensure we get best leaders

— Valerie Carvalho, 27 yrs, Panjim

The area where I stay, the main problem is that during rainy season the water of the creek rises up and comes into people’s houses. The other thing I want is to give the Goans status as the outsiders are coming here and destroying our very own Goan land and Goans are not getting opportunities over the non – Goans

— Ashish Shaikh, 21 yrs, Panjim 

Job opportunities should be more, that’s the main thing if you have good jobs that would lead to more money and I think that is the need of the hour. I have decided to cast my vote

— Rucha Naik, 40 yrs, Panjim 

National security is the foremost issue. I will also vote for safety and development ofcourse. 

Nitin Bhatnagar, 49 yrs, Panjim


I think the main focus is jobs, there are women with low qualifications and the government should do something for them. To get a job one must either be a graduate or a post graduate but they should have opportunities for housewives too. 

— Janvi Lotlikar, 40 yrs, Panjim 

The main issue here in Panjim is the parking issue which needs to be solved immediately and secondly, the migration of outsiders here in Goa too has caused a lot of problems

— Rekha Borkar, 55 yrs, Panjim 

Main issue is the religion, there’s too much of differentiation happening here in Goa and in the country on these lines. If you see online, what is happening on social media and everywhere there is talk on religion and I want things to be sorted out

— Joshua Vaz, 18 yrs, Panjim 

They will do whatever they want candidate should be allowed to contest only twice if that can be done then our country will improve otherwise the father will rule for four yrs and then the son will come then this will continue

— Girish Mahale, 50 yrs, Panjim 

I think the public transport should be improved in the sense that the conductors do not take students’ identity card into consideration while collecting the fare. They need to charge only half the fare to the students but they do not do it

— Pranali Mantri, 18 yrs, Panjim 

Basically, government needs to create jobs. Our youth here do not have sufficient job opportunities, in search of which they need to go outside therefore according to their qualifications they need to get a job in Goa.

— Sameer Warkhandkar, 36 yrs, Panjim 

The focus of the government should the development as our roads are really bad. Another issue is the unemployment for the youngsters. 

— Allan Vallas, 46 yrs, Panjim 

I want the Government to take national security as the first priority, second will be to get the literacy rate higher and higher so that the employment issue will automatically get solved out and the third one is safety of women 

— Rajesh Pai, 49 yrs, Panjim 

The quality of life of each and every citizen should improve. The jobs are not a problem, businesses are also not a problem; the problem is awareness. I am very satisfied with the working of this government, as the government is doing enough now we should go to the government.—

— Dr. KK Sanzgiri, 58 yrs, Panjim 

People need development as in roads, proper roads, and electricity and water supply then Swachh Bharat Abhiyan should be practised on a larger scale and other than this cleanliness of rivers is of utmost importance

— Shwen Kenkre, 21 yrs, Benaulim 

Firstly, the conditions of roads are really bad especially the Margao- Panjim road and not even half of the construction work is complete. The increase in quota in medical colleges is not fair as now the general category is only left with 20%.   

— Aadishree Kenkre, 22 yrs, Cortalim 

Government needs to find a proper solution about the poor roads. There also needs to be focus on making provisions for the safety of women

— Siddha Neureker, 43 yrs, Margao 

There are lamp posts on the road but they are never lit during the night, the government needs to focus its attention this as street lights are a basic need to avoid any major mishaps.

— Binda Kenkre, 53 yrs, Benaulim 

The main issues are construction of 4/6 lane highways, and then providing more parking space in cities and also providing government buses with good facilities and comfort.  Also improving infrastructure facilities and cleanliness in government hospitals and schools and colleges

— Vaibhav Naik, 21 yrs, Margao 

India should be governed in a democratic way and secular manner.  Illegalities should be stopped, better transport system and jobs for youths provided. Goans given priority over migrants and our lands should be protected from turning into concrete jungles  

— Salcea D' Costa, 19 yrs, Davorlim

There have to be solutions to environmental issues such as finding a permanent site for garbage disposal.  The need for resumption of mining, which will provide employment and, income to the weaker sections. Further, streamlining of the taxi issues which deprives a common tourist from a reasonable taxi fare thereby leading to reduction in domestic tourists ad a bad image to Goa’s tourism

— Bipin Neureker, 51 yrs, Margao 

The government that comes to power should ensure protection of women so that we can move out anytime and anywhere.

— Sonia Vaz, 24, Ponda

While the government should focus on youth and their education, it should also promote more jobs besides ensuring that youth talent may be in terms of sports, science, music should be recognised and cultivated. The government should ensure help to the unfortunate ones

— Doric Fernandes, 41 yrs, Benaulim

Whichever government comes to power, it should ensure peace and harmony between all religions and not be against the minorities. And instead of concentrating on protection of cows, the government would do well to focus on protection of girls and women

— Sweden Coutinho, 19, Margao

My vote will go for the party that deserves to come to power. Though the government launched the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan it has not accomplished much. The government should work more when it comes to environment and garbage management.

— Rosetti Fernandes, 35, Carmona



 EMPLOYMENT - Over 1.2 lakh youth are jobless in the State. 55 lakh jobs lost in last 5 years
 MINING - No solution to mining since March 2018
 COAL - Mormugao continues to choke under COAL DUST
 CRZ - Reduction in CRZ line from 200 from HTL to 50 meters will kill the coastline#
 MOPA AIRPORT - Hundred hof Goans have lost their land for the new airport
 COMMUNAL HARMONY - Highest ever Cow related violence and Mob Lynchings on record after BJP came to power
 INSTITUTIONS DESTROYED: First time in history of India, CBI vs CBI, RBI vs Govt, SC vs Govt fights happened because Modi wanted control of all democratic Institutions  
 JUDICIARY IN DANGER - 15 First time in history of India, 4 Supreme Court judges gave a press conference to say ”Democracy is in Danger”
 RBI autonomy challenged
 GST - has killed many small time businesses
 DEMONETISATION - Has only troubled common man. No black money recovered so far



 DEFECTIONS: Dayanand Sopte and Subash Shirodkar have defected from Congress to BJP. People upset on the issue for forcing another elections
 No development in Mapusa for 20 years
 DYNASTY POLITICS: People are upset as BJP is following the Congress way of granting tickets to family members



Polling stations -1652
Critical polling stations -26; 21 in South Goa and 5 in North Goa
Vulnerable polling stations- 21; 14 in North Goa and 7 in South
Expenditure sensitive polling stations- 7
40 model and women manned polling stations; two polling stations manned by divyang
Web casting of polling stations
GPS tracking system on vehicles transporting EVMs and VVPATs
Government servants- 12,000 
Total police force- 5000 including Central armed forces and 12 companies of CRPF


IGP confident of peaceful voting in Goa

 No untoward incidents
 Indian currency seized- 2.96 cr
 Drugs- 31 lakhs
 5000 police personnel to man the State to ensure peaceful polling
 No sensitive or hyper sensitive polling stations


Mapping of PWD (persons with disability) electors

Total electorates- 7474
North Goa – 4211 and South Goa – 3263
Visually impaired- 673
Speech, hearing disabled- 666
Locomotory disabled- 2657
Other disability- 3478
Photo voters slip made available in Braille
Transportation facility and disable friendly polling stations
PWD voter titled as Most Valued Voter  


Model Code of conduct VIOLATIONS

Received- 343
Disposal- 293
Pending- 50
Excise Commissioner says record liquor seizure:                                                                      
Inspections conducted - 6440                                  
Cases booked - 222                                                               
Total liquor seized - 68’024 liter     
Total value- 5.59cr

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