Herald: MMC gets cracking on garbage collection

MMC gets cracking on garbage collection

12 Jan 2019 05:08am IST
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12 Jan 2019 05:08am IST

Councilors asked to collect data on waste generation

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MARGAO: Margao Municipal Council on Friday got cracking on implementing the segregated garbage collection from households with all the councilors being given the questionnaire suggested by the Directorate of Municipal Administration to collect the data which will be forwarded on Jan 14.

In fact, MMC Chairperson Dr Babita Prabhudessai had a meeting with people from her ward to plan collecting all the information sought. “Data is crucial for any planning to be successful and I totally agree in the need for collecting the data so that we can plan properly,” she said expressing confidence that she will collect all the data required within the stipulated time.

It may be recalled that on January 7, the Director of Municipal Administration who visited MMC had asked for the data to be sent by January 14, and Dr Babita disclosed that all the councilors have been urged to stick to the deadline.

She opined that the sanitation team may have to work in shifts as in the night garbage that is thrown by people from the neighbouring villages will have to be collected before day break as otherwise it would strew on the roads.

She clarified that the reply by owners of party halls that the caterers are responsible to manage the garbage generated at parties will no longer be tolerated because, as owners of the party venue they are responsible for managing the garbage generated at parties.

Pointing out that MMC has been given one dedicated engineer to set up the garbage collection system as he had set up systems in Ponda and Vasco, she said presently four places have been identified for garbage receptacles and more will be added later on and added that the present garbage collection centres may be converted to only keep the empty garbage bins used for door to door collection.

She said the council has asked for 20,000 bins to be distributed to every household while admitting that a survey of how many would be required is not yet done. The bins of 20 litre capacity will be given to households while traders will be asked to purchase their own bins.

Dr Prabhudessai said that the 130 labourers they have, can manage the door to door segregated garbage collection and stressed the need to have at least 10 workers for the baling section as currently around 700 bags of dry waste that has been collected from the wards in Fatorda are waiting to be baled.

She also disclosed that they have been given 200 sq mts by Fomento Green at Sonsodo to set up a sorting shed.

 where the MMC is also proposing to install a Styrofoam or thermocol compacting machine.

“Margao is a commercial place and there is a lot of packing material generate as waste on daily basis,” she said while disclosing that the compacting machine costing around Rs. 6 lakhs will be purchased under the 14th Finance Commission grants.

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