Herald: MMC reminds GCE to conduct stability audit of 11 buildings

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MMC reminds GCE to conduct stability audit of 11 buildings

11 Aug 2018 05:52am IST
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11 Aug 2018 05:52am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: Margao Municipal Council has now decided to send a reminder to the Goa College of Engineering (GCE) to conduct a stability audit of the 11 buildings identified by its engineers to be unsafe for human occupation two years ago but continue to be occupied till date.

MMC had asked the Engineering College to conduct the stability audit in April this year after the Public Works Department advised it to first get the stability audit undertaken of the 11 buildings.

On September 1, 2016 MMC issued notices to 11 buildings that were identified by MMC engineers to be unsafe for human occupation. The eleven buildings were the one in which Golden Photo Studio is situated, Tilve building, Churi building, Parishram and Ladu Raikar Building, New Era School building, Villa Coutinho building, Pedro Cardoso Building, Gracias Furtado building, Sukdo building, Marchon building and Sabina hotel.

On receiving the notice, Adv Tushar Karmalkar wrote to the MMC on behalf of New Era School that they will repair the building while Anjali Pramod Kaarande writing on behalf of one of the legal heirs of Churi building asked for a copy of the inspection report.

Ex-MLA Manu Fernandes who is the owner of the Sabina hotel building submitted a stability certificate for the building issued by Engineer Prakash Prabhakar Samant.

While New Era School carried out the repairs of the building, MMC did not give any report to Anjali and the matter was just forgotten. Owners of the other eight buildings did not bother about the MMC notice nor has the MMC pursued the matter with them for the last two years.

However, after Manoj Arsekar took over as the Municipal Engineer in November 2017, the file was re-examined and engineers were asked to inspect the buildings again and issue fresh notices which was done.

However, as there was no response from the owners, MMC on February 13, 2018 sought help from the PWD to demolish these buildings. But the PWD asked the MMC to first get a stability report of the buildings.

Hence, MMC wrote to the Goa College Engineering on April 30, 2018 to prepare a stability report of the 11 buildings. But the Goa Engineering College has not responded till date and not even acknowledged receipt of the letter.

“Unless we get the stability report on the buildings, we cannot do anything,” said ME Manoj Arsekar. Ironically as the Goa Engineering College has not even acknowledged the letter from MMC, it is now decided to send the college a reminder.

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