27 May 2024  |   06:24am IST

Maintain cleanliness of Mandovi promenade

Maintain cleanliness of Mandovi promenade

Alwyn M D’Sa Miramar

Of all the projects taken up by the Imagine Panaji Smart City perhaps one of the most creditable so far is the aesthetically designed and executed promenade stretching from Miramar to the Panjim market. 

The 2.5 km promenade with 4 metre walking track and 1.5 metre cycling track is very well laid out with lots of place to rest, all with superior fittings, various art objects and lighting.  Fortunately, the trees have been retained. This has given a total face-lift to the river front; whereas earlier this whole coastline was ignored and also used by nuisance makers, now it has turned out into a showpiece with great utility.  A few washrooms need to be added

Hundreds of walkers can be seen enjoying their time in the mornings and evenings. Many Indian and foreign tourists too have discovered this ideal site to spend time.  One can behold the Mandovi river alongside  and the picturesque coastline on the other side giving a splendid backdrop and a delight to the users.

The sunset time is the best; the temperature here is much cooler and the air is purer compared to the city area.  

There used to be a lot of litter here despite so many attractive bins provided at regular intervals.  But of late it is rare to find any rubbish around; probably folks using this promenade are more conscious of clean surroundings and appreciate the facility.  The civic officials need to maintain cleanliness regularly, empty the bins, and prevent canines and cattle entering the area. Similarly dog walkers need to ensure that their pets do not use this path for droppings. Also, bicycles/tricycles need to use the path allocated to them separately.

Overall a great place for leisure, meditation, meeting up, take rest and breathe fresh air. Kudos to the smart planning and execution by the IPSCDL.


Iddhar Udhar