Herald: Make domicile a must for taxi operators in Goa: MLA

Make domicile a must for taxi operators in Goa: MLA

18 Jun 2019 06:09am IST
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18 Jun 2019 06:09am IST

Benaulim MLA says he would not like to see a situation like the Sri Lanka crisis

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MARGAO: Benaulim MLA Churchill Alemao has advised making domicile compulsion for taxi operations to avoid a situation like Sri Lanka terror strikes in Goa. Churchill refused to bog down on his demand of not letting any stands to the GoaMiles taxis near coastal belt of Goa. 

While urging all 40 MLAs to stand up for Goenkarponn, Churchill said, "Domicile has to be a compulsion for taxi drivers. I have observed that the GoaMiles Taxi drivers don't know Goans they don't know our language," he said while adding "Sri Lanka terror attack was not for no reason. We don't want that to happen in Goa. Goenkarponn will be over if this continues."

"GoaMiles taxi issue is big. They have a notification of Central government where they don't need a badge or a stand. Goa Miles have to keep a vehicle at home and operate," mentioned Churchill.

"It's my open challenge to Government that only 1 or 2 men are Goa Miles agents. It is the tour operators who are putting up the entire drama and in turn, it has become a business of charging a bomb from the tourists," alleged Churchill.

While clarifying his stand on the Goa Miles, he said "I am happy if Goa Miles helps Goans. If according to the Goa Miles promoters the taxi driver is earning Rs 70,000 a month, why Goa Miles needs the coastal belt? The Goa Miles shouldn't get a stand on entire coastal belt. Tourists have no objection to the original taxi operators it is these tour operators," said Churchill. 

Churchill alleged that the Goa Miles taxi is a racket being operated by few members of a family.

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