19 Mar 2023  |   06:32am IST

Mandrem villagers highlight issue of traditional pathways

Mandrem villagers highlight issue of traditional pathways

Team Herald

PERNEM: Land rates in Mandrem Constituency have sky rocketed and with most land holdings sold to non Goans, the new owners have now blocked the traditional pathways leading to beaches, temples and other places either using barbed wires or laterite compounds putting villagers to inconvenience. 

The issue was discussed at the recent Prashasan Tumchya Dari (Governance at Your Doorstep) initiative by the State government, on Saturday.

Villagers charged that the issue of traditional pathways was raised several times in gram sabhas, and resolutions were also passed however they were yet to be implemented.

With most of the land now owned by non-Goans,  access to coastal area, beaches, the traditional routes of palkhi (procession of the Deity) have been blocked by the new owners. 

Few shack owners have also restricted the movement of people in general and are allowing only the customers to pass through the fenced pathways. The Deputy Collector along with Mamlatdar and Talathi inspected several such spots and an assurance to provide optional access was also given to residents, but there hasn’t been an amicable solution till date.

The Paliem Panchayat recently tried to construct a footpath on the existing traditional pathway, but the owner later constructed a strong compound blocking free movement of locals. The issue is yet to be solved.

Ulhas Arolkar, a resident of Parcem spoke on behalf of the people who have lost their traditional access due to sale of land and brought it to the notice of the Water Resources Minister Subhash Shirodkar, who was on a mission to solve the common man’s issue.


Idhar Udhar