31 Jan 2023  |   06:12am IST

Margao civic body seeks remedy to leachate seeping onto roads from wet waste at Sonsoddo site

MMC’s Sanitation Committee also resolves to issue notices and stop water supply to residents who have not taken sewerage connections; act against illegal kiosks dirtying the commercial town
Margao civic body seeks remedy to leachate seeping onto roads from wet waste at Sonsoddo site

Team Herald

MARGAO: Even as stinking leachate from the Sonsoddo dump site continues to flow onto the adjacent road, the Sanitation Committee of the Margao Municipal Council has resolved to come up with an urgent 

solution to tackle the 

health hazard. 

On Monday, the Sanitation Committee met after a long gap. The meeting was chaired by councillor Camilo Barretto, and had MMC Chairperson Damodar Shirodkar, Chief Officer Manuel Barretto, Vice-Chairperson Dipali Saval and other officials in attendance.  

After a lengthy discussion, several resolutions were adopted, and feedback was sought from the officials concerned.  

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Barretto said that the committee has taken serious note of the untreated wet waste piling up at Sonsoddo, which has resulted in the flow of leachate onto the roads and gutters. “We have no issues with regards to the dry waste; however, untreated wet waste has resulted in major problems at the Sonsoddo dump yard,” he said. He added that the door-to-door garbage collection in the jurisdiction of the civic body is well- managed, but the black spots have resulted in a major headache for the municipality.  

“We have instructed the officials of the civic body to penalise the offenders found dumping garbage on the roadside. Sign boards will also be put up at these sites to deter dumping. At the same time, waste from outside the jurisdiction of the civic body being dumped here will not be tolerated at any cost,” he said.  

“Another issue discussed was about MMC workers setting fire to dry waste on the roadsides. We have received several complaints from the people on the issue and hence all the workers have been warned not to engage in burning waste,”added Barretto.  

Notices will be issued to those who have not taken sewage connections yet, and those whose septic tanks are seen overflowing onto the roads, the councillor warned.  

“At the end of day, people are pointing fingers at the municipality for overflowing sewage. We have now decided to issue notices to disconnect the water supply of residents who have not taken sewage connections yet,” he added. 

The Sanitation Committee is of the opinion that the acquired land of nearly 25,000 square metres at Sonsoddo can be utilised for building a shelter for stray cattle and stray dogs.  

Action will be initiated against all the illegal gaddas that create sanitation problems in the commercial town of Margao, the committee decided.


Iddhar Udhar