Herald: A school complex the only ray of hope for Margao’s ‘unsafe’ schools
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A school complex the only ray of hope for Margao’s ‘unsafe’ schools

13 Sep 2017 04:25am IST
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13 Sep 2017 04:25am IST

Following a survey in 2016, MMC had identified 17 buildings or structures which are in a bad state; These include T B Cunha School, Popular Primary School and the New Era School



A school complex for many schools in Margao has become the need of the hour as the infrastructure in these educational institutions is reported to be crumbling to such an extent that some school buildings have been declared unsafe.

It is sadly seen that not much interest is paid to the school complex project and the same has been neglected by the successive governments. However, there is a ray of hope as the TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai has announced that work on the Margao school complex will begin within 3 months.

"I would officially announce that we will plan and start the education complex work in Davorlim in the next 3 months. I feel that the schools have to shift and have better amenities for education as well as co-curricular activities" said TCP Minister.

He informed that he has spoken to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in this regard.

In 2016, the Engineering Section of the Margao Municipal Council had issued a letter following a survey and had identified 17 buildings or structures in Margao which are in a bad state and needed prompt action.

The buildings identified were T  B Cunha School, Popular Primary School and the New Era School at Malbhat. The T B Cunha shifted to rented premises but the other two schools continue to operate at the same place.

However, Herald attempted to highlight the plight of some of the schools, which operate in a bad condition in Margao. The aided schools of Margao such as New Era School, T B Cunha, Government Multipurpose School and Popular School operate in the centre of the town and areas with lot of traffic. The condition of the schools in the past 3 years has deteriorated.

The New Era School in Malbhat area is in dire straits. The school faces safety, security and traffic issues.   The school has been operating in the A J Almeida building for more than 70 years. No heed is paid to health of the students and teachers and the sanitation needs an upgrade. The Popular High School is located near the busy road in the town and the doors and windows are kept closed during school hours and opened later. The school has been here for ages and was recently renovated by the management. This is yet another school which is in need for a school complex for Margao.

Meanwhile, the condition of the Government Multipurpose School, Borda Margao is also not so favourable for students.

Yet another school which lies in a bad state is the T B Cunha School in Aquem. The school presently runs in rented premises having its office and toilet housed in another building. The plight of the schools has made the need for education complex more and more imperative. Recently, Sudin Naik, Chairman of Samaj Sewa Sangh while speaking on the need for a school complex had said, "The school complex is the need of the hour for Margao and we expect the TCP Minister to use his office to process the same in a much faster manner. We expect him to plan the complex on the lines of the one at Cujira as Panjim too faced such problems ".

The PTA chairman too urged the TCP Minister to speed up the process so that they can deliver more to the students as far as teaching infrastructure and new methods of learning are concerned.

It was learnt from sources in Margao schools that schools too are engaged in playing “politics” which in turn has hampered the shifting of schools to safer locations.

Herald attempted to call the managements of most of these schools but failed to get any response.



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