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27 Jun 2018 06:08am IST
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27 Jun 2018 06:08am IST

Cost of Work - 1.7 cr

Some of the important elements of design incorporated are: -

Stainless Steel Fish Stands- The fish vendors used to sit on the counter made of Cuddpah stone which did not have proper slope for cleaning. Fish stands made up of stainless steel were proposed which facilitates easy cleaning. It is designed in such a way as to hold ice with a slope which helps in proper draining of water into the floor drains. The fish stands also have a drawer with provision for locking and acts as a cash counter.

Rear Counter- The counter is finished with polished granite with ceramic edge cut tiles for easy cleaning. 

Insulated fish storage boxes- Each of 144 vendors is being provided with an insulated fish storage box so as to avoid the use of thermocole and cane for storage.  

Flooring- The earlier flooring tiles were in a very bad condition with problems of cleaning. The entire flooring has been replaced with vitrified matte finish antiskid tiles so as to facilitate easy cleaning and also for better grip for users. In addition to this, tactiles have also been provided so that the entire market is user friendly for visually impaired. 

The Azulezos- The Goan look has been achieved with the use of screen printed azulezo tiles on the front facade and the internal walls. 

The Ceiling- The ceiling was finished with heritage tile pattern illustration, which gives the market the much-needed Goan look. 

The Drainage- The existing internal drains had concrete slabs over them, which hampered the flow of drain water and nuisance for cleaning. These drains were used for the rainwater as well as the dirty surface water. 

These drains were replaced and segregated with easy cleaning stainless steel drains with perforated grating to take care of dirty surface water, which is then connected to the sewage chamber. The rain water pipes were directly connected to storm water external drains. 

The Lighting- All the lights were replaced with LED tube lights for proper illumination and maintenance.

Plumbing- Each stall bay has been provided with 2 taps and health faucets for easy cleaning.

Ventilation- The rusted ceiling grills have been replaced with Cement jails for aesthetic look as well as practical usage.

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