Herald: It could get quite fishy

It could get quite fishy

27 Jun 2018 06:08am IST
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27 Jun 2018 06:08am IST

The new retail fish market in Margao is a fantastic facility but maintaining it may be a stretch because it will require a large sum of money regularly

Pratik Parab

The renovated SGPDA Retail Fish Market is high on services and convenience and on the feel good factor. However the SGPDA will have to put in a lot of work to maintain the market in its present plush form. The installation of LED lamps, CCTV’s drain channels and other Dubai like facility has faced the SGPDA with a new question. How does it raise money to maintain the market? The team of SGPDA officials inspected the periphery of the retail market and it revealed that there is so much that remains to be done on the maintenance of the market.

The Minister Vijai Sardesai now faces the harsh reality of the matter as to how does one maintain this facility. In order to collect some corpus for the maintenance of the market the SGPDA has urged the vendors to pay the outstanding monies to the SGPDA. The outstanding is as big as nearly a crore from most of the vendors. Forced by the situation the SGPDA has given the option to the fishermen to pay the money in one year but swear the same on an affidavit. The PDA has also decided to take further recourse if the vendors do not pay within the period of time. This only gives a sense that the SGPDA on its own won’t be able to maintain the market for now.

The Minister however in his speech said that they won’t increase the sopo now but has also decided to monetize some of the other assets that the SGPDA has to keep the show at retail market running. The Minister had also insisted that the fish cutters pay Rs. 1500 against the charges to the SGPDA for maintenance. The fish cutters too asked for lenience and settled for Rs. 1000 per month. To add to that the dry fish selling section and also the vegetable market section vendors met the minister and have insisted upon taking up the renovation work of their section but before that demanded the market garbage which is strewn all over be picked on time and littering be discouraged.

All this and more may be good signs for people as customers but maintaining this is going to be a tight rope walk as the reason for which the earlier market failed was the very lack of maintenance and interest in keeping it in good shape.

The Chairperson of SGPDA Renuka Da’Silva while speaking to the gathering urged that the maintenance will be a task here and they will need cooperation from the people.
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