Herald: MIE one of Goa’s SICK industrial estates
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MIE one of Goa’s SICK industrial estates

08 Nov 2017 04:46am IST
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08 Nov 2017 04:46am IST
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The Margao Industrial Estate offers very little to the Goans & industrialists; Due to the lack of ease of doing business in this estate, several industrial units have been converted into warehouses



The Margao Industrial Estate, which could have been the jewel in the crown of the state’s commercial capital, was granted to Goa by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru along with the Corlim Industrial estate as an incentive. But the same has apparently become one of the sick estates of the state as there seems to be very little the estate can offer Goans and industrialists with. 

Established in Sao Jose De Areal in 1971, the Estate currently has 158 industrial units of various trades from packaging units to warehouses and distilleries of which 108 are functioning. The industrial estate has the connectivity advantage of being parallel to a rail track on one side and a major highway nearby. However, the industrial estate has been given a step motherly treatment as the Government and the GIDC have not paid much attention to it for the decades. Basic infrastructure such as roads, sanitation and security has been an issue. Due to the lack of ease of doing business in this estate, several industrial units have been converted into warehouses. The MIE has little over 1400 employees working while the rest are contractual workers who are not registered with the estate’s office. 

This is the very factor why the Margao Industrial Estate has not generated or included the desired number of employment for the locals. Plagued by alleged non-business friendly labour laws, several units have turned to capital intensive operations rather than the labour intensive. A reliable resource from the industries states that environment in the industrial estate is not conducive for business development. 

It has been learnt that there has also been lack of cooperation from several units in revealing details of operations, which has shelved the plan of getting funds for the estate’s development. 

Naresh Dessai, a field manager at Margao Industrial Estate said, "There are 150 plus industrial units in the MIE which include packaging units, chemical factories and also the Turbocam Industry, a global turbo machinery development and manufacturing company specialising in aviation parts, which has been here since 1971. Turbocam and other packaging units together contribute to the maximum number of employment in the MIE". 

MIE Association president Anil Gadvi said, "There is a tremendous potential in the MIE to grow to its capacity if honest efforts are put in. It can generate employment and can put itself in a prime spot on the Goan industrial scene". 

It is also learnt that all small industrial estates in Goa have been suffering due to similar problems for years together. Several industrial units have become sick due to the lacklustre attitude of the Government to ensure ease of doing business, which has forced several units to convert into warehouses and storage units. 

The GoaCAN convener Roland Martins said, "GIDC has to improve its infrastructure and the allied departments have to support the work. Each department has some role to play in the improvement as the estate borders the panchayats of Nessai and others. The closed units need to be identified and appropriate steps have to be taken to revive them to ensure that there is employment generated there”.

GIDC official Pandharinath Parab said, “GIDC does not have the statistical data on employment in the estate. This is with the Labour and Employment Department and Industries Department and is not integrated into the Estate custodians.” 

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