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Margao Sounding Board

13 Sep 2017 04:19am IST
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13 Sep 2017 04:19am IST

Sounding Board Impact! MMC 

clears weeds at Hospicio 

Herald in its Margao Sounding Board column had published photos from the social media highlighting the issue of overgrown weeds at Hospicio Hospital, Margao just besides its surgery ward with mosquitoes infesting the operation theatre. Due to the timely publishing of the photos in this column, the municipal workers swung into action and cleared the weeds.

An open invitation for strays at ‘unlocked’ garbage workstation 

The Margao municipality has installed the garbage workstations. Basically a workstation is for the locals to dump dry garbage and other recyclable waste in large quantities, which has not picked up by the door-to-door garbage collection workers. The workstation is supposed to be kept locked, but here the gates of the same have been ‘left’ open. And as a result, people especially the restaurants; have dumped wet waste in these workstations, which have attracted stray cattle and dogs resulting in massive litter.

Borda’s water woes

Residents of Borda are surprised over the continuous disruption in water supply by the Water Supply Department in Borda, Margao. Daily there is a disruption in water supply from 2 pm to 4pm, which has left most consumers fuming.

Old Market lane blocked? 

Late in the evening as you take the left turn from the Old Market and proceed towards Colva, the dedicated lane is blocked as people park their bikes to enjoy their ras omelette. This makes it difficult for motorists to commute along this congested lane as they are forced to take the route leading to KTC bus stand or while taking a left turn to Colva which is dangerous. Sadly, there are no traffic police deployed at night to check these irregularities.

Stray carcasses on Margao roads!

Margao has witnessed an upsurge in number of strays for many years. In recent times, a number of dog and cat carcasses have been found along the roads in the town, which have remained for days and that too in a decomposed state. The question which has remained unanswered is who are the owners of these stray animals? Recently, a stray animal landed in a ditch following an accident and the officials of the fire department rescued the injured animal and left it on the road, sending a clear message that rescuing and taking care of strays is not its concern.

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