Herald: SGPDA market’s styrofoam menace

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SGPDA market’s styrofoam menace

11 Jul 2018 05:50am IST
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11 Jul 2018 05:50am IST

These boxes are generally dumped around and adds to the filth that is present at the market


Its a few weeks since the TCP Minister celebrated a grand opening of the revamped retail fish market within the SGPDA Market complex in Margao. A fish market believed to have been built as per Dubai standards.

Firstly the fish market created steel cubicles to place fish on ice but the cubicles were massive in size and the cost of filling it with crushed ice was very high. This resulted in the SGPDA incurring an additional cost of providing raised steel unit to place in the same cubicles to display the fish. The next embarrassing moment for the new market was when the flex roof of azulejos prints on plastic which were stuck to the ceiling came crashing down and currently there are workers busy clearing and repairing it. 

While all this is happening there is the small matter of the massive Styrofoam boxes rotting within the market complex with no takers. These boxes usually make it into the nearby fields and water bodies, creating a huge garbage menace.

“These thermocol boxes usually come with the fish from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and we have no place to dispose them or rather we also have no space to store our belongings in the market and hence these boxes are hoarded onto by the fish vendors,” explains Seby Dias, a fish monger within the Market complex.

Seby takes us across the SGPDA market which is filled with thermocol boxes and explains that many vendors have been allotted a sopo but do not utilize it since they’re out somewhere along the streets illegally doing business and hence they’re space of the market sopo is used by others to hoard boxes and other belongings

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