01 May 2019  |   06:32am IST

Mayor blames Smart City for unplanned digging of roads

Warns of confiscating all road digging equipment

Team Herald

PANJIM: Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has prepared itself to take on the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (IPSCDL) for creating trouble to the residents of the capital by digging the roads for laying underground cables.

Accusing the IPSCDL CEO Swayandipta Chaudhuri of non-cooperation, CCP Mayor Uday Madkaikar questioned why no plans in connection to the digging and restoration of roads, were submitted to the CCP.

“CCP is the body of the people’s representatives and therefore people approach the corporators and the Mayor whenever they face problems. Due to the digging work across the city, people have faced a lot of difficulties and therefore we had ordered that all works be completed by April 30. But under the Smart City project, work has resumed and people are up in arms against us for permitting the works”, he added.

He further informed that the CCP has not been taken into confidence by the North Goa Collector while granting permission to the IPSCDL for carrying out road digging works for laying of underground cables. This despite, the Commissioner being a part of the IPSCDL board, he added. 

Uday said “We have already begun witnessing pre-monsoon showers and amidst all this we had decided that from the month of May, we will take up restoration work of the roads, which had been dug up during the year by various agencies. However, IPSCDL is least bothered about the public and claim to have permission until May 20.”

Stating that the CCP has got its squads ready for strict implementation of ‘no digging’ within the city limits after April 30, the Mayor added that any agency carrying out digging work in the city will face the brunt of the Corporation. 

“We will seize all the equipments and materials irrespective of the agency carrying out the work as we are responsible to the public, who question us. We cannot take the risk of putting their lives in danger during the coming monsoons,” he added.


Iddhar Udhar