Herald: Mopa Airport security firm operating with non-Goans
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Mopa Airport security firm operating with non-Goans

31 Aug 2018 05:47am IST

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31 Aug 2018 05:47am IST

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Herald investigations reveals that the private firm has not only violated the Goa Private Security Agency Act 2005 (GPSA) but has broken the promise of providing jobs for Goans

MOPA: Raxa Techno Security Solutions, a private security firm has been hired by GMR for providing security services at Mopa and Herald investigations reveals that the firm has not only violated the Goa Private Security Agency Act 2005 (GPSA) but has broken the promise made of providing jobs for Goans.

Raxa had advertised for the posts of security guards, supervisors, security & technical officers, drivers and team lead on August 18, 2018. The advertisement stated that “Candidates with relevant qualifications and experience in airport/aviation security and as desired may apply. Preference will be given to bonafide Goans, based on their merit and qualification for the GGAIL project”.

Interestingly, the advertisement did not mention the number of vacancies neither did it mention the address. The phone number mentioned on the address was of one Mr Veerendra, which was not reachable.

Herald visited the Raxa office, the address of which was given by the firm to the Home Department when they registered under GPSA Act. The address was H No 140/A, Naibag, Porascadem, Pernem, Goa. Herald visited the office, which turned out to be a flat in a building along the National Highway in Panjim.

There were around 6-8 young men in the flat, all of whom spoke in Hindi. The flat had many beds and clothes hanging on the ropes. They informed that they work at the airport site and that this “office” was, in fact, their dormitory. They informed that there is no office or any training facility in Goa. They stated that the firm has only one training facility and that too in Bengaluru. They gave Herald their manager Pandit Somvanshi’s phone number.

When Herald contacted the manager and asked him as to how many vacancies are available, he said, “Abhi Bangalore mein recruitment karna hai” (now recruitment has to be done in Bangalore). He then gave the phone to a GMR official who said that Pandit is not the right person to speak. The GMR official stated that he will provide the number of the concerned Raxa official. However, he failed to send the number.

GMR ignored Goa Human Resource Development Corporation

Without “relevant qualification and experience” mentioned in the advertisement, will Goan youth from Pernem and neighbouring villages have any chance to get hired for all the posts available? Incidentally, the Goan Human Resource Development Corporation is the only security firm in Goa that employs Goans and provides the training and job experience.

Herald contacted GHRDC, a Government of Goa initiative, which provides security guards for Government offices, departments and other institutions. All security guards in GHRDC are Goans. 

The GHRDC official informed that the Chief Minister had asked GMR to contact GHRDC. "The CM wanted us to take over security. We had a meeting with them and gave them details of what we can offer. However after that meeting they did not get back to us", said the official.

The HR official at the corporation informed that they had sent a proposal to GMR, however, GMR did not get back.

Herald also contacted the Additional Secretary for Home, who informed that every security firm in Goa must have a training facility in Goa and every security guard must be a resident of Goa for 5 years.

In November 2017, GMR had on its website displayed the link to the Request for Qualification for Security Services. However, the document was unavailable on the site. As of Thursday, the website states that the tender has been awarded.

Interestingly, Raxa Company’s website mentions that Raxa is a GMR Group company. The question arises is whether GMR had any intention to award the tender to any other security firm other than its own subsidiary?
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