Herald: More illegal structures built than licenced ones in Salcete in 2017-18

More illegal structures built than licenced ones in Salcete in 2017-18

25 Mar 2019 06:04am IST
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25 Mar 2019 06:04am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: While the 30 village panchayats in Salcete issued 668 construction licences during the financial year 2017-18 as per the audit reports, there are as many as 716 illegal constructions reported in these panchayats.

Cana Benaulim that issued 72 constructions licences ranks highest amongst the 30 panchayats for issuing such licences. Interestingly, the panchayat has not maintained a register for illegal constructions and hence the auditors could not note how many illegal constructions are reported in the village.

The panchayat to issue the second highest number of construction licences was Raia where 54 such licenses were issued. Amongst the panchayats to issue the least number of construction licenses were Cavelossim that issued only two such licenses followed by Rumdamol Davorlim where only three construction licenses were issued.

On the 716 illegal constructions in Salcete, Chinchinim had the highest number as there are 109 such constructions reported there followed by Loutolim where 95 illegal constructions are registered. Interestingly not a single illegal construction was registered at Ambelim and Betalbatim while only one was registered in Guirdolim.

The panchayats have a total of 269 cases pending against them in various courts with Davorlim Dicarpale that is involved in 25 cases having the highest number of court cases, followed by Sao Jose de Areal that has 23 cases and Curtorim which has 21 cases. Raia does not have any case pending against it while Rachol has one case and Orlim, Paroda and Sarzora have two cases each.

The panchayats have spent Rs. 6.49 lakhs as payment for legal charges. Interestingly the panchayats are entitled to pay only Rs. 30,000 per annum as legal fees but Curtorim, Carmona, Seraulim, Cana Benaulim, Raia, Velim and Chandor Cavorim have paid above that amount.

Curtorim has paid Rs. 98,000 as legal fees while Cana Benaulim has paid Rs. 78,000. Interestingly Raia panchayat despite not having any cases pending has paid Rs. 67,000 as legal fees to dispose off earlier cases. What is to be noted is that the amount paid is far above the permissible limit.

The 30 panchayats altogether executed only 47 works with Velim having executed 12 works ranking first followed by Cavelossim that undertook 10 works. The panchayats of Cana Benaulim, Colva, Ambelim, Rumdamol Davorlim, Varca, Aquem Baixo, Telaulim, Loutolim, Assolna, Orlim and Sao Jose de Areal did not undertake any works in that year.

While all the 30 panchayats submitted the Administrative Report to the BDO, 13 panchayats did not submit the Annual Action Plan to the Zilla Panchayat and they are Colva, Betalbatim, Telaulim, Paroda, Dramapur Sirlim, Rumdamol Davorlim, Loutolim, Seraulim, Benaulim, Nuvem, Carmona, Rachol and Aquem Baixo.

While the panchayats are supposed to hold four ordinary gram sabhas every year, Raia, Sarzora , Velim and Sao Jose de Areal conducted only three gram sabhas while Chinchinim conducted only two gram sabhas during the year. The Seraulim and Colva panchayats did not constitute any of the various committees it is supposed to constitute.
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