Herald: NGO wants death penalty for main gang-rape accused

NGO wants death penalty for main gang-rape accused

31 May 2018 05:39am IST
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31 May 2018 05:39am IST

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PANJIM: As investigations into the horrific gang rape are underway, NGO Savera has sought the death penalty for prime accused Ishwar Makhwana, for his involvement in a string of serious offences.

Besides masterminding the crime at Betalbatim, Makhwana is wanted by Indore police for rape and double murder. He has four rape cases, seven robberies, three attempt of rape cases and another murder against him.

“There could be many other women that these accused have been harassing and blackmailing but due to fear they fail to report it. This accused had the guts to come to Goa and rape and blackmail our Goan girl. Such a person should be encountered to death,” Tara Kerkar of NGO Savera said in a letter to the Inspector General of Police Jaspal Singh. 

The NGO also suspects the involvement of MP police in letting the main accused out of police custody stating, “There could be some MP police personnel helping him to stay away from the civil force of the state due to which he could escape all this while.”

The NGO also demanded that Goa not hand over Makhwana’s custody to MP police. IGP Singh had told Herald on Tuesday that the investigating team will object to any plea by Indore police for transfer of Makhwana’s custody till the trial of the case.

Sanjeev Pal (25), Ram Bhariya (24) and Ishwar Makwana (24), all hailing from Indore (MP) are undergoing custodial interrogation for the serious offense with the police set to charge sheet the case in two months. 

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