Herald: NH66 blocked at Mashem for an hour after truck uproots coconut tree

NH66 blocked at Mashem for an hour after truck uproots coconut tree

16 Feb 2019 06:05am IST
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16 Feb 2019 06:05am IST

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CANACONA: With authorities closing the Belgaum-Goa road via Anmod for widening, the increased traffic on already congested narrow National Highway-66 passing through Canacona is facing frequent disruptions in traffic. 

In the third incident of traffic disruption during last 10 days, a container truck brushed a roadside coconut tree on Friday morning bringing all types of vehicular traffic to a grinding halt for over an hour, inconveniencing thousands of commuters on either side of the road. 

The stretch of NH66 passing through Canacona from Pollem border till Cuncolim is nicknamed ‘road to hell’ as this stretch has witnessed frequent accidents in recent years. 

As if this is not enough the authorities without taking into consideration the narrow and deadly curves on this stretch have diverted all types of traffic through this road since last few weeks for road widening in Ramnagar near Belgaum.

These together with bad road engineering is inducing frequent accidents of all types both minor and major, sometimes putting all types of vehicular traffic out of gear.

In a similar case a container truck having an extra height brushed hard against an already leaning coconut tree along the NH66 at Mashem. The impact was such that it got uprooted and was dangerously resting on the electrical alignments.

Eyewitnesses present at the site of the incident immediately called electricity office at Poinguinim and the power to these conductors was switched off, sources said. 

As the coconut tree dangerously rested on the electrical wires some of the motor vehicles including passenger buses threw caution to wind and putting the life of themselves and passengers to risk passed by till police and fire tender took control over the situation and stopped the traffic on both the sides.

In the meantime someone intimidated Ajay Lolienkar, Sarpanch of Loliem-Pollem village panchayat who monitored the removal of the coconut tree in no time with the help of fire fighting team led by Leading Fire Fighter Dharmendra Naik assisted by Drive Operator Ashok Gaonkar, fire fighters Paresh Bhagat, Prashant Velip and Vasant Velip.

A crane from an adjacent construction site belonging to a private contractor was pulled in to help remove the coconut tree dangerously resting on the electrical alignments.

The road which remained blocked on both the sides since 11 am was finally cleared after a hour of efforts.
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