02 Mar 2024  |   07:02am IST

Naval War College's new building named after Chola dynasty

Team Herald

VEREM: The Naval War College (NWC) located in the naval base INS Mandovi, will be functioning out of a new administration-cum-training building, christened as ‘Chola’ in commemoration of the mighty maritime empire of the Chola dynasty.

The building will be inaugurated on March 5 in the presence of senior naval leadership.

“The ‘Chola’ building of the NWC for academic instruction, research and wargaming is inspired by the Chola dynasty’s maritime prowess. The central foyer of the structure features a tiled mural that depicts Rajendra Chola’s expedition to the Srivijaya Empire across the high seas of the Indian Ocean in 1025 CE. The building’s name bridges the past to the present by illuminating India’s maritime influence in the past and its resurgence as a maritime power in the present,” Commandant of NWC, Rear Admiral Arjun Dev Nair told reporters here.

The College of Naval Warfare was initially established at INS Karanja in 1988 to impart advanced professional military education to the middle and senior level officers of the Indian Navy. The college was rechristened as the Naval War College in 2010 and was shifted to its current location in Goa in 2011.

“With the vision of being the pre-eminent iconic institution for higher military education, the mission of the college is to prepare the officers of the armed forces for leadership at the strategic and operational levels,” RAdm Nair said.

The college also conducts the Maritime Security Course wherein military officers from our maritime neighbourhood also participate and collaborate to foster an open, secure and inclusive Indian Ocean Region.

“The Naval War College is also the Centre of Excellence of the Indian Navy for wargaming and Arctic studies,” RAdm Nair said.


Iddhar Udhar