Herald: Need to bring more fallow land under cultivation

Need to bring more fallow land under cultivation

31 Oct 2018 06:21am IST
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31 Oct 2018 06:21am IST

The report revealed the fallow land in the state was equal to 10.1% of the area used for food crops

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PANJIM: With almost 13,193 hectare (Ha) area in the State fallow land, the State Government is working towards conducting micro climatic study with a focus on to promote Goa as Agri or Horti Hub for export. The aim is also to bring around 10,000 ha of fallow land under cultivation by next year. 

 Nagpur based ICAR-National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (NBSS&LUP) has revealed that fallow land covers 13,193ha area in the State, which is three percent of the total geographical area.  The report on fallow land was released by Minister for Agriculture Vijai Sardesai on Tuesday. 

As per the report North Goa has 9,683ha as fallow, South Goa comprises only 24.6 percent that is 3,510ha. Tiswadi taluka tops the list with highest area of 3,669ha under fallow, while Sattari has the lowest coverage of 77ha. 

Of the total fallow land, the current fallow occupies 4,639ha, which is almost 35 percent of the total fallow. The cultivable fallow land is also around 4,621ha and the fallow land other than the current fallow is 3,933 ha. 

“Fallow land in Goa is equal to its 10.1 percent area used for food crops, 8.4 percent of total area sown for other field crops, 31.4 percent of the gross area under rice, 122 percent of the area under cereals, pulses and other oilseed crops, 22.1 percent under different cash crops, 115.2 percent garden crops, 183.5 percent vegetable crops and 49.5 percent of the area of the non-food crops,” the report stated. 

The study has also identified 33 soil series and mapped into 171 soil mapping units at phases of soil series level. Speaking on the occasion, Sardesai said that today the biggest challenge before the government is to keep Goa green and for that everyone had to strive hard. “To have greener we should know what is fallow, what is cultivable and then take up cultivation and then tackle the cultivation by understanding what best should be cultivated,” Minister said. 

He said the State need to go into micro climate study at taluka level, in order to have Agri Hub or Horti Hub approach. “It is called as Hub Export model. This is a model adopted in US right now. The study will help us to know what can be cultivated and what type of a Hub can be adopted by us,” he said. 

Sardesai also said that State also need to identify ten top horti crops in the State, which can be promoted and will give maximum income to the farmers. “I am also moving a file for setting up Agri Cloud,” he said while urging the department to ensure that the reforms adopted by them reach out to the farmers maximum to ensure that by next year atleast 10,000ha of fallow land is brought under cultivation. 
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