Herald: No float, only failure for Lucky 7
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No float, only failure for Lucky 7

13 Sep 2017 05:26am IST
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13 Sep 2017 05:26am IST
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Vessel moves just five metres, tilts due to water collection and sand deposits

Team Herald

PANJIM: The salvage operation of casino ship Lucky 7 failed again on day three with the vessel moving barely 5 metres on Tuesday. The salvage exercise began afternoon and ended before 2.30 pm during which the salvors, VMS Marine LLC, failed in the attempt to re-float the vessel off Aguada Bay. 

“The ship has moved just five metres from where it was anchored yesterday (Monday). So far, it has moved 55 metres. The damaged bottom portion of the vessel and some cracks are leading to the delay in the salvage operation,” an official said. 

The 5,000-tonne vessel was seen slightly tilted due to flooding of water and sand deposits. One of the salvors told Herald that these elements are being pumped out after which the vessel will be pulled to deeper waters. 

“Once the sand and water is pumped out, it would be easier to pull the vessel in deep waters. The Captain of Ports department has deployed its tugboat for the initial pull after which the tugboat, brought in by the salvaging company, will take over the exercise,” he said. 

Sources further said that the two tugs anchored at a considerable distance from the vessel, will be brought closer to facilitate the towing operation on Wednesday. The towing exercise is expected to resume before noon. The height of the high tide is likely at 1.8m compared to 2.0m and 1.9 m on Tuesday and Monday respectively.

Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd, that owns the Rs 12-crore vessel, had deployed its officials and security at the site. 
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