Herald: Magic, magicians fail to keep govt spellbound

Magic, magicians fail to keep govt spellbound

21 Apr 2017 12:54am IST

Report by
Santosh Naik Ponda

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21 Apr 2017 12:54am IST

Report by
Santosh Naik Ponda

Magician Prem Anand claims magic lacks government support; says through our tricks we have exposed the fake godmen for spreading blind faith in society

Magic is the skill of performing tricks to entertain people, such as making things appear and disappear.

Be it young and the old, everyone is fascinated by magic and the magician.  

Over the years this skill, which has managed to keep the audience spellbound has received an overwhelming response but it’s sad that it has failed to gain government’s attention.

There are a few magicians in Goa who have been performing at their level best in keeping the audience spellbound with this skill as it requires lot of hard work and money but they claim that there is no backing for magic from the government as there is in other arts. 

Despite no encouragement from Government, these magicians are contributing their bit to keep the skill alive by performing all over the state.  

According to Jadugar Prem Anand, Government does not recognises magic as art and to add to this, there is no academy like the one in Kerala to nurture and train those interested in learning magic. 

The magicians in Goa have learnt magic on their own or through Gurus by moving out of the state. 

“We have preserved the skill with the hope that it will be recognised and accepted like other arts. To learn magic is difficult but like any art it can be mastered if one is interested.” According to Prem Anand, magic or jadu is just a trick. In fact through our tricks we have exposed the fake godmen for spreading blind faith in society. 

 “We exposed some fake godmen when we learnt that they were financially exploiting their followers. Our magic (trick) helps to exposing the blind faith.  Magic can be learnt by anyone but it requires hard work, Prem Anand said and called for preserving it.”

To promote magic, Prem Anand said magicians Ram, his son Akshay and another magician Akshaya from Maharashtra for the first time organised a free workshop at Ponda with the sole intention of preserving magic by incorporating new techniques and to encourage the budding artistes.

According to magician Akshay, he is performing shows as he was inspired by his father Prem Anand since childhood and informed that he has staged many shows in Goa. 

“If the society thinks that magic should be preserved, then people should come forward to encourage and flourish it, Akshay added.

Originally from Belgaum, Jadugar Prem Anand began his career at the age of 38 in Goa when he learnt of the so called “miracles” performed by a woman at Kerim Ponda. He visited Keri and witnessed the same and later informed about the act to Jadugar Jayshankar at Delhi. 

His Guru told him that it’s just a trick to exploit the people.  Since then, Prem-Anand said that he vowed to expose the blind faith. He expected at least one hall or Jadu Bhavan to be constructed in the State to encourage budding magicians.  He is a former employee and MRF union leader and a member of Magicians’ Association in Goa (All India Magic Karishma) with around 30 members. Of 30 only 15 are active as magicians. He said he has staged around 4500 shows all over India including Goa. 

When asked to comment on government not encouraging magic and magicians, Art and Culture Minister Govind Gawde said, “I am fond of magic. I have not come across any issues of magicians in Goa and have not received any memorandum. I assure that if these magicians are ignored, then I will definitely make efforts to encourage them.”

Dramatist and former PMC Councillor Apa Khanolkar said, “Magic is loved by all requires a lot of effort and skill to perform on stage. Like government provides assistance to other arts and artistes, magic and magicians too deserve those facilities.”

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