Herald: Mining Cos have not fulfilled our demands: Sonshi villagers

Mining Cos have not fulfilled our demands: Sonshi villagers

15 Sep 2017 06:29am IST
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15 Sep 2017 06:29am IST

Residents say the green net does not cover the whole village, but only a part of it from dust pollution

The mining companies have not fulfilled major demands of Sonshi villagers till date. The villagers’ four demands included regular water supply, a health dispensary with a full-time doctor, employment for village youth and reduction of dust pollution.

Sonshi villagers are supplied water by tankers but it is polluted with dust, allege the residents. Since the water is polluted, villagers cannot use it for drinking and utilise it for washing purpose only. 

The villagers allege that the green net, which has been installed by the mining companies to reduce dust pollution, is not properly installed. They have not installed the green net in the whole village but only some parts of it, say the villagers. The green net has also developed big holes, says a villager.

“Mining companies are not ready to fulfill our four demands put before them. Also they are not ready to employ our village youth to work in their mines. In the coming mining season also, we will continue stopping mining trucks plying through our village, says Santosh Gawade, a truck owner.

The representatives of the mining companies have not taken any meeting with the villagers to discuss our main demands before start of new mining season, till date. We will not allow them to transport ore through our village, says another villager Ganesh Gawade.

Around 30 villagers from Sonshi village have their own trucks being used by the village mines. They are all saying that their health issues are very important not their trucks.
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