Herald: SMC to shift kiosks to new place

SMC to shift kiosks to new place

15 Sep 2017 06:28am IST
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15 Sep 2017 06:28am IST

The Council is planning to build a complex for the gaddas and have asked the owners to contribute Rs 50,000 each to start the project

The Sanquelim Municipal Council (SMC), in a bid to beautify the city and give it a new look, has recommended to shift all the kiosks from the municipal area to the market by giving them new shops.
It may be recalled that there are about 52 kiosks in the municipal area, especially those who are doing their business near the Sanquelim bus stand. These kiosks are there since many years and the SMC now feels that they should be relocated at one place in the market.
“There are many kiosks at several places which have encroached on the road. Now we are trying to solve this growing problem in a different way. We will build 60 shops with shutters in the market so that we can rehabilitate them to the new place,” said SMC Chairman Dharmesh Saglani.
Most of these kiosks are selling cigarettes, soft drinks and other such small products. A meeting in this regard was also held recently wherein all the kiosks owners attended and expressed their views.
“We will initiate action against them and they should give us advance of Rs 50,000 by the end of this month and the construction will start by next month,” Saglani added.
Besides the kiosks at the Sanquelim bus stand there are some kiosks near the Sanquelim CHC and SMC has decided to even relocate them to a new place. “We are thinking of making a special zone for such gaddas near the CHC. After giving them proper licence we will regularise them so that even SMC gets some revenue instead of just sopo which they are presently paying.” Saglani said.
Even though the SMC has proposed a plan for the kiosks, owners are still in quandary over the entire project. The kiosk owners feel that they might lose their business if they shift to the new premises. “We are already having less business and if we go to the market there won’t be any business since no one goes to the market after 6 pm,” a kiosk owner Tulshidas Kanekar said.
Another kiosk owner, who runs his business near CHC Sanquelim, was also of the same opinion. “They want us to start our business near the Ravindra Bhavan but we don’t know whether it would be a permanent place for us. What if someone objects to this? They are not also giving us trade licence and making us permanent,” said Chandan Mayekar.
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