Herald: Mapusa market buildings full of filth
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Mapusa market buildings full of filth

13 Oct 2017 07:15am IST
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13 Oct 2017 07:15am IST

The fish and vegetable markets are badly maintained; Over 500 vendors occupy space meant for 250 sellers

With no proper maintenance of the two major developmental projects in Mapusa -- fish and vegetable market -- claimed to be state-of-the art projects, are in pathetic condition.

Allowing more than the actual capacity of accommodating vendors, both the markets are overflowing. With already congested space, no proper hygiene is being maintained by the vendors.

With the capacity of only 250 vegetable vendors, the new complex is, at present, accommodating more than 500 vendors in an around the vegetable market building which has made the area congested.

Customers have to enter into the market bearing the stink of waste of vegetables which are dumped exactly at the entrance of the building. The vegetables waste is in a decomposed state and is lying unattended sometimes for days together. All the vegetable vendors throw their waste at this entrance point creating a home for mosquitoes and insets to breed.

The other unhygienic reason is stains of tobacco and gutka spits on the walls, corners and on steps of the market.

The fish vendors are accommodated on the first floor while chicken and meat sellers are given a place on the first floor. Both the floors are not maintained properly and are in a pathetic state.

Accommodating more than the actual capacity of fish vendors, instead of occupying the dedicated sitting platforms they sit on the floor and also exactly at the entrance of the fish market. Some occupy the platform as well as the floor for more space. Many vendors also sit on the floor making the area watery which does not let the visitors walk freely.

Rohan Kavlekar, Chairperson of MMC, said “Many times we have given warnings to the fish vendors and told them not to sit on the floor and dirty the area. They follow our instruction for few days but then end up doing what they want. Some vendors sit at the entrance of the market so that they can attract more customers than those sitting inside on platforms.”

“We have also moved a file to concerned department for outsourcing the work to an agency which will look after the maintenance and cleanliness”.

These vendors also clean fish while sitting on the floor making it dirty and stinky. Sources also said that they do not dispose of the waste water properly into the gutters but sometimes splash it in the open area outside the building.

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