Herald: Now, Mahila Congress demands apology from Rane
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Now, Mahila Congress demands apology from Rane

11 Aug 2018 05:53am IST
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11 Aug 2018 05:53am IST

Coutinho takes dig at own party saying it failed to generate jobs; Says Pratapsingh’s statement must be treated as his personal view

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PANJIM: Goa Mahila Pradesh Congress Committee on Friday demanded an apology from party MLA Pratapsingh Rane for his statement that termed the Goan diaspora as ‘toilet cleaners’. 

Addressing media persons, Mahila Congress President Pratima Coutinho said the women’s wing is very hurt and pained at the statement. “The statement has not just hurt the sentiments of the Goan community working abroad but also their families. With all humility Mahila Congress would like to apologise to those working abroad and to their families,” she said.

“We humbly request our leader to admit the mistake and apologise to the people of Goa for hurting their sentiments by disrespecting their earnings for survival,” the leader added. 

Coutinho said it was not fair on the part of their senior most leader to make such a harsh comment, by ignoring the dignity of labour. “There should be something called dignity of labour irrespective of what work he or she does as it is being done for their livelihood and survival of their families,” she said.

Citing example that her own sister is employed in a reputed firm in Dubai and her brother-in-law is working as an officer in Holland, Coutinho said, “All who have gone abroad on Portuguese passport or otherwise are not cleaning only toilets.” 

“We have got big leaders of Goan origin who have brought name and fame to our State by holding high positions like Prime Minister and Mayor,” she added. 

Coutinho even took a dig at her own party’s past government, stating, “Though Congress also ruled the State for the last so many years, we failed to generate the required employment for the people of the State, forcing them to migrate abroad in search of jobs.”

She said that Rane’s statement must be treated as his personal view points and not of the party. 

Former Chief Minister Rane has been facing a massive public backlash on social media for his recent statement on the floor of the House wherein he had said that Goans who work abroad do toilet cleaning jobs. Despite party President Girish Chodankar directing him to withdraw the statement, the MLA has not said anything further on it. 

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